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Willow_in_bracken_small_2 Hi there, naturally healthy people;

I am eager to tell you about some words of wisdom that I receive regularly into my in-box.

From all my experience in life, medicine and healing, I know that only I can change my perception of myself and those around me. We all get stressed – indeed, challenges are needed to keep interest and excitement in our lives. At times the stress seems unbearable, and we feel that it is natural to blame those around us.

In general practice, I am privileged to peek into people’s lives, and at times I am amazed at the degree of human resilience that I see. Some people cope with the most terrible life events – indeed, when we are sent such challenges, we can do nothing but get on with it, take each day as it comes, and live on – rise to the challenge.

It helps us to count our blessings if we simply take a look around the world and see what otheres are going through – years of homelessness and living in makeshift slums; starvation and infant death from preventable infectious diseases where there is no clean water supply; the monks in Burma………the list goes on. So I am grateful for water coming out of the tap, for having paid work, for having a fantastic family.

However, it is difficult to always think positively, even when you know that the decision to be positive comes from within you.  So I find these two free resources really helpful in cheering me up each day.

Take a look! I have posted today’s wonderful examples below, as well as links to their websites…

Bob Procter’s Insights of the Day

Variable in length, these anecdotes and stories can encourage us to change the way we relate to those around us – in many ways.

Mike Dooley’s Totally Unique Thoughts

Brief and easy to read, these "Notes from the Universe" prove thought provoking and stimulate the positive thinking that makes the Law of Attraction work for any of us!


Couldn’t you just pretend with the job or occupation you now have, whether or not it even pays or is recognized by others as a job, that you’re receiving a salary of millions each year for doing it? That everyday your peers, partners, or supervisors are left in awe by how you deftly handle each challenge and setback? That there are backroom discussions going on (sh-h-h-h-h….) even as you nonchalantly read this email, about retaining you no matter how high the cost? That shareholders are beginning to whisper among themselves about your legacy, and board members are each hoping to bump into you at the water cooler? That the competition has just hired a management consultancy firm just to keep up with your innovative style?

I think you could, even if you work in your pajamas, and I’d highly recommend it. Especially the "millions each year" part.

Insights of the Day

Power of Words 
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!"

We all heard that saying when we were children, and, like so many other childlike chants, it was a great myth. Words do have power, immense power, and they can cause much pain, because when they are repeated in negative fashion, people, especially children, may end up believing them. "You’re a bad boy," "You’ll never amount to anything." "You’re a loser," "Does your face hurt? It’s killing me." These are only slight examples of the negative language we often hear. We have all heard them, and unfortunately have been guilty of dishing them out as well.

During the 1980’s there was a big push for building self-esteem, and workshops were available everywhere teaching us how to make people ‘feel good about themselves.’ This 180 degree turn seemed valid in theory, but what happened in many cases was positive feedback became the new mantra, and yet the effect didn’t always achieve the desired results. Why? Because recipients only benefited from the praise if they believed it was genuine. This brings us to an important point. Self-talk and self-belief are the keys. No one can ruin our day without our permission, and always feeling good about ourselves is impossible. I hold this to be true – that self-esteem and self-worth are not synonymous. Self-esteem is having pride in oneself and generally feeling good about who we are. I don’t know about you, but I certainly have had moments in my life when I wasn’t too proud of my actions, and without question I have had times when I didn’t feel good about me. This moment of "lack of self-esteem" would indicate that something is terribly wrong. Contrary to the education of self-esteem, nothing is wrong – we are simply human. Self-worth, on the other hand, is acceptance of who we are – all of our strengths and weaknesses, all of our abilities (or lack thereof), all of our joyful moments as well as those times of sorrow; our contributions and our refusals, etc. See a pattern? We are worthy simply because we are His creation, and we are loved for every part of us. Whether we are in a good place or a bad one, whether we are contributing or contaminating, whether we have done something to be proud of or something to be embarrassed or ashamed of, nothing diminishes our worthiness. The negative actions and the ensuing consequences may affect our self-esteem, but it has no impact on our self-worth!

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Love and Light


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