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Why Do High Doses of Oestrogens Lead to Breakthrough Oestrogen Deficiency Symptoms?

Hormonal therapies have helped women to overcome the distressing impacts of menopause and perimenopause for decades. You can consume them as creams, gels, patches, pills, injections, and implants, among others.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is useful, but uncontrolled use can supply the body with excessive sex hormones. Continued overdose can lead to tachyphylaxis, a condition where receptors become resistant to the action of hormones. It can raise severe health complications.

Menopause and Oestrogen

Menopause strikes when most women are over fifty years, but it can occur in the forties or earlier. The effects of menopause begin to manifest during perimenopause when the female reproductive system begins to decline.

An indication of perimenopause is irregular and missed periods. Eventually, the body stops ovulating, menstruation discontinues, and the woman enters menopause.

During this period, the production of oestrogen and progesterone by the ovaries diminishes. The reduction in oestrogen levels introduces a plethora of distressing effects in the body. A few of them include atrophy, increased risk of UTIs, mood swings, headache, hot flashes, and others.

Oestrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women can receive a replenishment of sex hormones to avert the symptoms of menopause. Oestrogen consists of three naturally occurring hormones. Estradiol (oestradiol) is one of those oestrogens, and is the one used in pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Subcutaneous Implantation of Oestrogen

Subcutaneous implantation is used to administer oestrogen for long-lasting action. The hormone comes in the form of pure crystalline estradiol compressed into a solid pellet. The hormone dissolves gradually over time, giving the body a constant supply of oestrogen.

Your doctor inserts the pellet surgically. Subcutaneous pellets containing 20 mg to 100 mg are widespread in the pharmaceutical industry. Users go for a replacement periodically, say after every six months.

Indications for Oestrogen Implants

Many women find subcutaneous pellets administration as an excellent method of consuming oestrogen. It can provide sufficient relief from symptoms of menopause and does not pose liver protein synthesis issues like oral estradiol.

Challenges of Oestrogen Implants

One problem associated with implantation is that it is impossible to remove the pellet; therefore, if a woman with an implant was to develop a hormone-dependent cancer, such as most breast cancers, the implant would continue to release oestradiol, and stimulate the cancer. The body can also accumulate excessive quantities of oestrogen over time.

The levels can remain above average for years. Extraordinarily high levels of oestrogen can cause tachyphylaxis. Apart from receptors becoming insensitive to hormones, too much oestrogen can make the amount of sex hormone-binding globulin to shoot. SHBG is a carrier protein produced by the liver to bind with sex hormone molecules in the blood.

The body can misinterpret the presence of excessive SHBG. It can make testosterone, progesterone, oestrogens, and thyroid hormones ineffective.

When there is too much oestrogen for the available progesterone, the body acquires oestrogen dominance. It can alter your health and cause the following dangers:

  • An escalation of PMS symptoms
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced libido
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Infertility
  • Abdominal fat gain
  • Fibrocystic breasts

Additionally, many studies have demonstrated excess oestrogen as a risk factor for cancers of the uterus, breasts, and ovaries. It can also cause cervical dysplasia, a disorder that leads to abnormal changes to the tissues of the cervix. Oestrogen dominance may also escalate menopausal symptoms.

Doctor workplace with clipboard and text "Hormones", medicine bottles, red stethoscope, eyeglasses and oestrogen pills on pink wooden table. Medication prescription.

Final Word

The endocrine system works collaborates with the nervous system to regulate various functions in your body. The two control metabolism, growth, sexual development, and mood.

An abnormal build-up one sex hormone can create an imbalance between other hormones and alter your health. If using implants, it is vital to have levels checked often to avoid exposing your body to an excess of oestrogen.

A DUTCH dried urine test can accurately determine your oestrogen levels and how they are getting metabolized. We can assess your hormonal levels and offer the necessary treatment.

If you are ready to find out a little more about your hormone balance, and get relief from your symptoms, why not complete an online Health Assessment and request a Health and Hormone Breakthrough Session with Dr Allie?

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