Weight management is complex and there is no single answer to weight problems. Whether it’s healthy weight loss, to maintain a healthy weight or doctor assisted weight loss, Doctor Allie Grimston can help you to achieve your weight goals.

Weight Management

Our approach uses a 5-step weight management plan <link to a download or further content (page or blog post or contact page form with relevant option> to helping you reset food cravings, transform your body and keep your healthy new figure long-term.

Don’t think of yourself as having to go on a diet, think of what you need to do as weight management – there is a difference. It is not all about what the scales show, it is about you as an entire person, so ask yourself these questions:

Am I tired?

  • Do I have aches & pains?
  • Could my skin be in better condition?
  • Do I feel old?
  • Do I lose concentration?

These are all issues that are part of weight management and need to be taken into consideration as part of your overall plan.

Successful weight management is all about making small lifestyle changes one at a time that eventually add up to a healthier, fitter, happier, leaner you. Our method is to work with you: we are part of the same team.

Lifestyle Planning

Our joint plan combines the need for relaxation techniques, a healthy eating regime and consistent exercise that will all be integrated into your lifestyle – step by step. In many cases you may be blocking yourself from doing these things and weight-loss coaching can help. Have you ever said or thought one of these phrases:

  • I’m too busy. I work: We’ll help you relax and help you work out the actions you can take – maybe there’s something you can pass on – how about an ironing service?
  • Who will look after the Children: We’ll show you how to work out the value of your exercise – could they go to an after-school club?
  • My husband won’t want to go on a diet so I can’t: We don’t help you diet! We help you manage weight and that will help the whole family.
  • The Gym is boring: Try something different – how about something social like a Salsa class or a Local Bootcamp?

If you’d like an individual plan, support from a doctor who really understands and weight management to suit your lifestyle, we can help.

Weight-Loss Coaching to Overcome A Weighty Mindset

Weight is individual, and our mindset can determine our weight. Coaching is one way we can help you to overcome weight-loss mindset problems, set goals and take action.

One step that you can do immediately to help re-vitalise your energy levels is to find out if you need a daily supplement. Sometimes this simple step can go a long way giving you the energy you need. And the energy means you’ll come up with a plan so you can schedule that exercise class.

Weight: A Part of Health and Wellbeing

Healthy weight management is not just about your weight, it is about your overall health. Your weight and what you eat has a huge impact on your entire body, and a healthy regime could help beat off the modern day killers that we are constantly bombarded with – Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease.

Take action now and contact Doctor Allie Grimston. The first step to a 6 month life changing experience that we will create together. True vitality!

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