Hello there! Welcome to the eighth and final video in the Vitality Empowerment video series from Better Health Through Change and Abundant Vitality with Doctor Allie Grimston!

Planning and goal setting are important in ensuring that you are moving forward in your life. If you know that you are moving forward, you will feel less as if you are stagnating – and this will improve your vitality and reduce your stress levels. Even if you remain in a stressful job, if you can see that it is en route to better things, and recognise that you are making choices going forward, you will be able to find some positivity to keep your momentum going. We hope you enjoy this eighth and final video – planning the year ahead – and that you have found the video series useful in managing your stress and vitality.

If you would like to include working with me in your plans to improve your health and your life in the year ahead, do contact me via the website. To help you to make a decision, you may like to apply for a complimentary Health Breakthrough session by completing the form on www.DrAlisonGrimston.com/HealthBreakthrough

To your Less Stressed Success!

Doctor Allie x


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