The 5 Benefits of Raw Juicing

The 5 Benefits of Raw Juicing

The 5 Benefits of Raw JuicingOver the last several years, raw juicing – consuming juices made from vegetables and fruits as a meal supplement or meal replacement – has become an increasingly popular food trend. This is certainly one way to ensure that you get your recommended ‘5 a day’, the five daily portions of fruit and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization recommends. Here are five benefits of raw juicing:

1.  Juicing Eases Digestion

A healthy liquid blend of green vegetables and fruit leaves less work for your body’s digestive system, as liquefied nutrition is ready for absorption. Just remember to leave in the pulp – this is valuable fibre that maintains good digestion.

2.  It prevents nutrients from being lost through heating

Nutrition gurus don’t agree on whether or not cooking lowers the nutritional value of plants (some say cooking can raise certain nutrients while lowering others). What is certain is that at least some nutrients are diminished through cooking, so juicing lets you balance the pros of cooked food with the pros of raw.

3.  It makes it easier to eat the less palatable superfoods

There are many vegetables that people do not enjoy. If there is one vegetable you find hard to stomach, be it kale or beetroot, juicing makes it easier to enjoy the unique nutritional matrix of each of these foods. Simply add an apple or a sweet fruit such as a kiwi to your raw green vegetable juice to balance out any bitterness.

4.  Juicing lets you get all your vital vitamins and antioxidants in one drink

Many people have vitamin deficiencies due to unbalanced diets. One of the benefits of raw juicing is that you can mix the high vitamin content of many fruits (particularly vitamin C) with vital minerals and amino acids found in vegetables in a single, convenient cocktail.

5.  It gives you energy

Many juicing fanatics report increased energy levels, whether this is because of the energy saved on digesting solid food or due to trying fruits and vegetables they would otherwise seldom consume.

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