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Make no mistake, stress is a BIG problem – not only for our relationships and our professional success and productivity, but for our short and long term health as well!

In case you don’t know, as well as my background in general practice, I coped with the stress of a broken back from the age of 17, and later burnt out as a full time doctor and mother in 2004. I have gathered together the resources that I used and trained in in the years since then (including life coaching skills, nutrition, meditation and many more) to set up a service for stressed business and professional women and entrepreneurs, to help them going forward.

This is a personalised, bespoke and confidential system – because I know that when I was in this position, I felt that it was impossible to admit that I was having problems – I felt such a  failure, and I know that many other successful professionals feel the same.

For more great tips on managing stress, dip into these radio interviews…

Interview 1: Simple Steps to Combat Stress and Feel Great Fast

Did you know that stress is, in fact, due to the reaction we have chemically in our own bodies.

In this interview, Doctor Allie challenges us to use daily techniques to reduce our own stress levels – and watch the world around us change for the better.

Doctor Allie Grimston is an inspirational holistic doctor who empowers women in business and the professions to manage their stress and their energy levels in a way that allows them to live life on their terms. 

Having experienced burnout herself in 2004 as a full time doctor and business woman with two young children, she was shocked to realise how powerless she felt in supporting herself, her peers and her patients as they in turn went through the enormous levels of chronic stress that so many of us seem to accept as the norm these days.

Using her own experience combined with her talent for analysing evidence, Alison has helped professional women and entrepreneurs to stop burnout in its tracks.

Learn how you can make even the subtlest changes to make a difference in your stress levels and how your hormones are effected – making all the difference!

Interview 2: Stop your Sugar Cravings with Surprising Nutrition Musts!

Did you know that our stress is made worse by our eating habits, leading to a need for sugar- and caffeine fixes?

In this interview, Doctor Allie will show us where the media has misled us about food, leading to our current society where we are overfed, yet undernourished.

Learn how you can make even the subtlest changes in your eating habits, to make a difference in your stress levels.

Interview 3: Environmental Stress Triggers and What To Do About Them

What could we change in our environment to reduce our stress levels?

In this interview, Doctor Allie surprises us with the things around us that affect us daily, reducing our ability to cope with stress.

She reveals how your environment could be adding to your stress levels, and what in your environment you could change to make a big difference!

To your stress-less success!

Doctor Allie x

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