Tired middle age woman rubbing eyes feeling fatigue from menopause

Ten Things About Fatigue Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You

Tired middle age woman rubbing eyes feeling fatigue from menopause

As a woman going through menopause or perimenopause, you know what fatigue is like. The problem, of course, is far too many people in your life don’t understand that you’re not a machine. They’ve never understood why you couldn’t quickly prepare a big dinner for a family get-together, work overtime in your job, or take on stressful household duties.

Fatigue is one of the most misunderstood symptoms of menopause. You probably didn’t learn much about it in school either.

Take a look at ten things your teachers never told you about fatigue and how you can solve them now.

1. Walking is a Good Way to Help Fatigue

Many people assume consuming caffeine is the best way to deal with fatigue. You may even think that naps can help. In reality, walking is a natural way to help your fatigue, coupled with proper supplements.

Go out and have a quick 30-minute walk during a work break. Caffeine and naps only affect your sleep at night. You need a good night’s rest so your fatigue doesn’t become overwhelming during the day.

2. Normal Routines Often Help Fatigue

Another old myth says staying home from work and sleeping all day will stave off feeling fatigued. In fact, this only makes it worse. It’s better to just go back to work and into your normal routines.

Ultimately, physical activity does help, though menopause could create overwhelming fatigue to a point where you might need more flexible hours.

3. Fatigue Isn’t Always About the Pressures in Your Life

The automatic assumption by family and friends is likely that the extreme tiredness you feel each day is merely the result of life’s pressures.

While some of this is maybe true, menopausal fatigue has nothing to do with how you’re living your life. It’s a natural process you can’t control other than with proper medications or supplements.

4. Dieting Only Worsens Your Fatigue

Since weight gain is another symptom of menopause, you may feel it’s necessary to go on a diet. Far too many diets cut out many essential nutrients you need for complete health. All this does is just worsen your fatigue due to eliminating certain foods.

Eating the right foods will make all the difference in your experience of menopause. Getting the right balance of good quality protein, good fats, and low glycaemic carbohydrates is key and leaves no space for junk food and processed ingredients.

5. Some of Your Fatigue is Due to Dehydration

With all the coffee you’re drinking to stave off fatigue, you’re maybe not realizing that you’re ultimately dehydrating yourself. Not drinking enough purified water can easily worsen your fatigue as well.

Keep in mind drinking coffee and tea in the morning only acts a diuretic, ultimately making dehydration all the more possible.

6. Making Life Simpler Helps Fatigue

Despite going about normal routines to help you overcome fatigue, your life is perhaps just too complicated. You’re better off simplifying things in your life so fatigue doesn’t overwhelm you.

Take some time to analyze your life and don’t listen to those who think you have to do everything.

7. Relaxation Will Help Curb Fatigue

Back in the days when you went to school, the likely thought was you were expected to keep going and build a career. No one probably taught you relaxation should also become a part of your day.

Fit in some time to meditate, and you’ll see some difference in the fatigue you’re constantly battling. Meditating helps curb hot flashes considerably, according to studies.

8. Keep Your Bedroom Cooler to Avoid Hot Flashes While You Sleep

One thing possibly keeping you awake at night is hot flashes, ultimately disturbing your sleep patterns and making fatigue worse. To help this, keep your room cooler at night. Using an A/C or ceiling fan may help, including wearing lighter clothing.

Also, make sure the room is dark so your sleep cycle isn’t thrown off.

9. You Need to Invest Time, Effort, and Money to Combat Fatigue

The things above help fight fatigue immensely. Regardless, they’re all going to take time and effort. It may require some investments as well as to help completely curb fatigue symptoms.

Part of this should involve taking proper natural supplements rather than rely strictly on pharmaceutical drugs.

10. It’s Possible to Find an Online Source for Natural Supplements

Eliminate all those old stigmas teachers taught you about natural medicines not having enough medical proof to matter. By visiting DoctorAllie.com, you’ll find a lot of holistic treatments helping women every day with menopausal or perimenopausal issues.

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