Alkaline diet advantagesTeam Vitality is a community of positive, heart-centred visionaries who are ready to step into their power and create for themselves the life and health that they want to live.

We embrace our ability to choose each day the steps we take to create our future through helping, empowering and inspiring others.
The vehicle we use for this is a partnership with the nutritional company, USANA Health Sciences,which provides us with our own health and wellness business, science-based products, full business training, and a global community. It is a franchise-like opportunity that is low in investment and yet gives us independence to develop our own brand with no limit on earnings.
Whether we choose to specialise in weight management, skincare and beauty, athlete empowerment, energy and vitality, detoxification programs, or other directions, a simple toolkit allows us to move forward on daily basis to create a lucrative business.
Thus we are each creating time and financial freedom while helping people to live better, happier, healthier lives.
We all believe we are here to leave the world a better place, so we give to the True Health Foundation every month to support those around the world who are less well off than ourselves.
Our inspiring leaders include Functional Medicine Doctor Dr Allie Grimston, Global Entrepreneur and member of the Million Dollar Club, Dr Liesbeth Van Eerten, and former teacher and inspiring leader, Cherry Scott.
Work Life Balance - working together
You too can have fun with a healthy lifestyle business!

Why not join us?

Would you like to…

  • Enjoy the freedom of living the life of your dreams while helping others do the same
  • Work with like-minded friends all over the world
  • Experience the power of the mind/body/spirit connection
  • Create prosperity, growth, freedom, and joy in all areas of your life
  • Leave a legacy for others by making a difference now
  • Transform your life both physically and financially

Working with us will give you the

  1. Ability to make a good income working at something that makes a positive difference in people’s health and prosperity, while enjoying health and prosperity for yourself.
  2. Being part of a team of stimulating, like-minded individuals working in an atmosphere of the highest integrity of both the products and the business offering.
  3. Create your own hours while having the flexibility to stay at home to raise your children or pursue other interests.
  4. Enjoy substantial tax benefits. (Those with an average income of $50,000/ £30,000 per year can save an average of $5,000–$9,000/ £3,000 to £7,000 on taxes per year from home business allowances.)
  5. Develop business and interpersonal skills while enhancing your self-esteem, self-worth, and financial knowhow.
Creating Work-Life Balance
Enjoy a Home-based Business and be your own boss!




small lifestyle changes for a balanced life
You too can enjoy working from home!




If you are as excited as I was when I first saw this chance, take a look at the following videos:

I would like you to commit about 10 minutes to watch this video, which introduces USANA.  You can see that USANA is FUN!

Our business team is made up of real people who came from a variety of careers and backgrounds – mothers, engineers, athletes, lawyers, builders, doctors, nurses and businessmen … all with an equal chance for success!  Like you, we wanted and needed a change … something extra or new in our lives.  We wanted a no-nonsense extra stream of income that would give us new hope and new vision!

Tom Dyer is a UK personal Trainer – here he introduces a little more about how USANA works:

Here are some UK business experiences – including Global Entrepreneur Dr Liesbeth, on our team – a short 7 minute video.  Once you have watched it, email me and let me know what you liked about it!

Are you ready to go?

contact Doctor Allie Grimston.

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