Supporting women and people of colour – Let’s Close The Gap!

Hilary Devay is another advocate of supporting women towards the boardroom – on merit. Her double documentary series in 2012 ( ) was an eye opener for many as she showed just how many women are being lost from the career ladder in business. This clip of Hilary and Ceri Goddard discussing the corporate pyramid remains fresh in my memory.

Hilary Devey made it to the top in a man’s world…

But what is corporate business’s loss may be our gain. Attending local networking groups in London, Sussex and Kent I find many powerful women who have taken a conscious step to leave the corporate world and set up a business of their own. In this way women manage to enjoy and support their children through pre-school and school years, while choosing their best skills and what they loved most in their previous work, to develop independent streams of income. Will they think big enough and really use their skills?

Women value the support of business groups

I recommend that women think and plan carefully when making this leap – or when deciding not to. Firstly – get in touch with your true values and where you want to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, longer. Make a list of what you love most about your current role, and what you like least. Be aware that your priorities may have changed over the years since you started on this career path, and if you feel you need to spend more time with family members, include that in your plan. Explore the opportunities within your current role for going part time, if that is your wish. And I would strongly recommend connecting with a mentor or coach, who can help you, guide you and motivate you while keeping you accountable as you plunge forward into your new plan.

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More women are finding the flexibility they are seeking in a laptop lifestyle.

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