Suffering From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Your Mitochondria May Be The Cause

The cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  is not always detected because there are often several factors within the body that have combined to create this condition. Some of those factors are so small that they actually reside within human cells.

role of mitochondria in chronic fatigue syndrome
Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? In some, the symptoms may be so severe as to include localized pain in the body.

Within our cells are mitochondria, whose function is to convert nutrients into energy. Mitochondria can be adversely affected by several factors, such as infections, nutritional deficiencies, and pollution. When the mitochondria fail to produce energy efficiently, the entire body slows, and the person experiences fatigue. When a person perpetually feels fatigued, she can experience extended muscle pain, reduced concentration, and headaches.  This breakdown at the cellular level is why the role of mitochondria in CFS may well be pivotal.

A recent U.K. study found that 70 percent of CFS sufferers had abnormal mitochondria. When mitochondria malfunction, every part of the body is affected. When cells cannot convert oxygen, angina (chest pain) is sometimes experienced as a symptom. With lower oxygen levels in muscles, cells produce lactic acid, thus causing muscle pain.

Mitochondrial failure can also lead to poor digestion and may negatively affect production of digestive juices. The liver can also be slowed, impairing the body’s natural detoxification system.

Blood supply to the brain may also be restricted with decreased mitochondrial function, causing difficulty multitasking and lowered concentration in the CFS sufferer. These symptoms can lead to even further mental discomfort.

The good news is that mitochondrial function can be restored by identifying and removing the source, such as pesticides or infections. There are also mitochondrial nutritional supplements available.

If you would like to know more about CFS, its causes and treatments, and whether or not you may be suffering from it, please contact me.

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