Stress Solutions – Ideas for Changing your Mindset

The Match Game – ideas for changing your mindset!

How many of you have heard of the Match Game?

It is something that Dr Wayne Dyer mentions in his book and audiobook, The Power of Intention.

I would strongly recommend Wayne Dyer to you all – he is an inspirational speaker and author, and you cannot fail to have your life changed for the better by being in contact with him in any way – I count him among my many mentors and inspirations.

He suggests that we siply look at the thoughts or phrases that enter our head but bring negativity into our lives and experience, and try to reframe them.

It’s a fun game to play, and I tried my hand at it – I suggest that, when you have a moment, you take a pen & paper & do the same!

Here are some examples from my own time playing with these ideas…

If I start out with the phrase “I never have enough money for our bills” (and doesn’t that create negativity inside as you say it? But isn’t it so common to many of us?

This causes a mismatch with our soul, as we can see fro the feelings and muscle tension we feel.

I reframed it as “I intend to attract unlimited abundance into my life”

Now I know the sceptics among you will already be groaning – but hold your horses… We are already subject to a ton of negative conditioning in our lives, why add to it?

So – take a look at these paris:

“I never have enough time” (hmm, I always seem to feel this way…)

“I have an abundance of time, and can achieve anything I wish to in my lifetime” (well, when you put it like that… I know we don’t know when we are going to leave this world, but do I have to achieve everything this week?)

“I always have too much work to do” becomes

“I intend to create the team around me to complete all the work that I need to “

“My husband never clears up after himself” (that old bug-bear…)

My husband is a kind, generous and loving man who saves me time on a daily basis by shopping and cooking”

“I am a useless money manager” (well I never used to be!)

“I intend to manage my money effectively using my team and my systems”

“I hate being surrounded by clutter” becomes

“I intend to attract a beautifully clean and clutter-free environment”

“My kids are spending too much time on computer games”

“We are lucky to live in a time where my children can enjoy computers, and I intend to spend more time with them so that they fill time with other, more active, things”

I hope you get the idea? In my practice, I often have people who are suffering from stress, burnout or depression. One of the first steps I get them to take is to gradually start retraining their brain from being their inner critic to being their best friend. This is one of the tools that I use.

Now it’s your turn – what thoughts can you reframe now?

Wishing you Health and Wellness!

Alison x

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  1. No need for skepticism. I can attest that it works though it does take some getting used to at first. You know the whole thing with bad habits being hard to break but they are definitely breakable!!!

    1. Dr. Alison Grimston

      Indeed, Joumana – sometimes those lifelong habits take daily work for years. EFT is a useful technique that can speed things up I find, also The Healing Codes & other means of energy healing… At the end of the day it takes a multidirectinal approach to move forward and change, & I found having a coach an important catalyst for change…

  2. This is a life enhancing exercise. Becoming mindful by paying attention to the subconscious chatter and then allowing the negative to heal is very powerful.

  3. Alison, great post – I especially enjoyed how you pulled Wayne Dyer in. He’s amazing and has so many wonderful nuggets, it’s easy to forget them all. Thank you for the reminder in this post and your great examples.

  4. Yes, this does really work. My life has changed dramatically since I’ve been doing this. And the areas where i am not as good about it, it shows, too. Always a work in progress.

  5. Wow, I didn’t realise that Dr Dyer had created a game for this. Its a powerful reframing I have been practicing for years, and sometimes I need a good reminder like this one, to focus back on it, especially when my mind is suddenly seemingly much more negative. Such an important thing to keep doing especially when feeling stressed, or having negative things happen in life. We can choose to focus on the good, or go down in a spiral with our thoughts. Thanks Alison!

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