Stress And Success: You Deserve To Be Successful and Stress Free

stress and success
By committing to self care and stress-management techniques, you can achieve the success you deserve, without extreme stress.

Being stressed and overly tired seems like an unavoidable by-product of the myriad responsibilities and the fast pace of the world we live in. It seems that the more we achieve, the more commitments and stressors we must deal with each day. However, this common myth about stress and success disregards what we know about the powerful results of effective stress management. It propounds the erroneous belief that most of us can only have success or happiness — but not both.

With proper stress management, there is no reason that those who are successful in their careers should not also be able to enjoy a stress-free daily life. Here are four ways you can effectively manage stress, be happier, and become more productive:

1. Commit to self care. Without You must spend a little time each day tending to both your basic needs, and your needs for thriving. Devote a small segment of your busy schedule to exercise, listen to music, or spend time with your family. If you allow yourself time for these joyful activities each day, you are much more likely to return to work re-energized,  feeling more productive, less stressed. Remember, being stress-free takes maintenance. If you don’t maintain your life and leisure, it’s easy to burn out when you’re busy.

2. Learn how to say “no.” The word “no” a complete sentence by itself. While taking on way too many projects may seem like a quick way to success, the major projects are what will bring you the most success. By avoiding small tasks and delegating them to others, you can avoid stressing over the little things and focus on your major commitments.

3. Schedule time for social media and emails. It’s important to stay connected, but spending too much time sifting through emails or mindlessly scrolling through your social-media feed will eat up precious time you need to achieve your goals. By committing a certain amount of time each day to answering digital communication, you can streamline your day and ensure that these distractions aren’t raising your stress levels later.

4. Focus on what you’re passionate about. The most important way you can avoid stress while still being successful is to center your attention on work that you’re passionate about. If your work fulfills you and gives you a sense of purpose, you’ll feel upbeat and strengthened even when you’re tired after a long day.

If you’d like to learn more about stress-management skills, please contact me with your questions, and about developing a plan that takes into account your particular situation and stresses.

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