Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing has been used as a means of promoting health for countless centuries and across the world. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome used healing, often as part of the remit of religious leaders. The current revival in spiritual healing has been growing since the 1940s, and there are approximately 20,000 spiritual healers working today.

At present our stressful, busy lifestyles do not allow us time to relax, reflect and look after our bodies, minds and souls. Modern medicine has demonstrated the need for regular exercise and a good diet of fresh food, but these things are all too often ignored. The need for the mind to have a period of relaxation and contemplation every day is even more overlooked.

Spiritual healing uses divine or spiritual energy, channeled through a healer, to promote wellness and self-healing. We are each surrounded by an electromagnetic field, invisible to most, which allows the healing to occur. Healing does not depend on any religious belief in either the patient or the healer, nor does it require the patient to believe that it is going to work. The healing energy will be channeled to those places where it is most needed within the body. It can help all ill-health and stress, and while it is often most helpful where stress or emotional issues are present, these often underlie physical illness.

Crystal Healing

Rose_quartzCrystals have their own electromagnetic field and vibration, used daily by many of us in watches and computers. This vibrational energy can be used to enhance the healing energy as it passes through the healer to the animal or human patient.

Animal Healing

Animals respond well to healing; they do not have the pre-conceived ideas and expectations that humans often have. Rather than hoping for healing to benefit them in a certain way, they relax and allow the healing to occur, whether at an emotional, physical or spiritual level.

Dog_baseMany companion animals are healers in their own right; those of us who own dogs, horse or cats recognize what a comfort they are when we are feeling “down”. Unfortunately, this can lead to a depression of their own systems and immunity, leading to stress and physical illness. Healing helps to release the emotional build up, and allow the energy channels to flow freely again. This in turn allows the immune system to do its work in promoting homeostasis, and preventing infections. The immune system is also pivotal in picking up and destroying cancer cells produced by the body, thus stopping cancer from being manifest and reducing spread of already diagnosed cancer.

Rescue animals often have particularly strong emotional issues underlying their sense of wellness. There may have been many stresses in their previous life, and even the process of changing households can create fears within which show up as stressful behaviour or physical illness.

Heal_donkey_heart_028Farm livestock is often, from necessity, kept in stressful conditions. While most farmers have their animals’ best interests at heart, and recognize that happiness leads to better milk production, weight gain etc, modern farming practices require that calves are removed from their dams at a few days old in dairy herds, that sheep, while not used to being handled, have their feet trimmed and fleeces treated to prevent foot-rot and insect parasites, and that many animals have to go through the stress of transportation to markets and abattoirs.

Many equines at the height of specialist competition are also prone to physical and emotional stress. They are often stabled for long hours, and may also have long journeys to undertake.

These are just some of the situations where animals may benefit from healing.

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