Sex and Menopause; Intimacy during “The Change”

One of the most frequent complaints in menopausal women is low libido (low sex drive). A huge contributor is vaginal dryness, caused by declining oestrogen levels.  Because oestrogen actually plumps vaginal cells, consequently during menopause the vaginal walls become thin, dry and lose elasticity. When the act of intercourse becomes challenging due to physical hurdles, our internal dialogue can increase the anxiety we face if we focus on what our body cannot naturally do for us.

         To treat naturally, consider using a bioadhesive lubricant that you can buy over the counter to bring immediate relief. You can find brands such as Yes Yes Yes and Sylk locally. Be kind to yourself by allowing extra time for foreplay with your partner. This is a great time in life to explore new ideas with your partner in the bedroom, also. Mostly, communicate with your partner your needs and desires, as this will nurture yourself and your relationship!

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