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5 Days That Reset Your Hormones and Get You Back On Track!

Stress is a natural part of life that can sometimes serve us well. Reader’s Digest reports that many studies have shown that we may become stressed without even knowing it. This is largely because we have become accustomed to huge amounts of stimulation, building up our tolerance for the things that really wear us down.

The Importance of Balancing Your Hormones

Remember when cell phones originally hit the market and how exciting it was to always be connected to the ones you love? Of course, there were benefits to having constant contact but we didn’t realize at the time, that this would make the busy lives of women, even busier. Now, with being constantly bombarded with breaking news, updates, information, texts, status updates, emails, and a slew of other technological advances, it can sometimes be even more difficult to monitor our minds, bodies, and lives and be able to balance everything. In fact, experts say that a number of today’s busy women are even too overwhelmed to take time out for personal medical care.

For today’s busy women, it’s no wonder, then, that topping off our every-day business with the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause are often mentally, emotionally, and physically exhaustive. The many important roles of our hormones become all screwy when we’re dealing with so much in our busy lives and stress is bound to build up inside, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Of course, there are treatments available that help to balance out your hormones. This is just one way to manage menopause and perimenopause, but there are other things that you can do to make this rite of passage one that you can embrace as a natural transition in every woman’s life.

Alleviating Symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause

Even before we enter this phase in our lives, we strive to do our best to nurture our hearts, minds, and bodies and this is a time in our lives when we need to be particularly gentle with ourselves. Especially when we are new to the symptoms of this transformation. From daily meditations to calming breathing exercises, to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, there are many ways to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause. In fact, Dr. Allie’s free Stress Busting Kit is geared at specifically targeting the stress that can wear you out.

Sometimes it helps just to connect, take some time out for yourself (Go ahead! It’s okay!) and reach out to others who are sharing the same – or similar – experiences. This gives you an outlet to release negativity, share your frustrations (and triumphs), and receive the same from others who are in the same boat. Dr. Allie’s monthly Reset Group is geared towards helping women to reset their entire hormone systems through holistic means, tips, and discussions.

Laughing middle aged woman

For example, using a five-day model, members receive valuable information that can help cut out many of your various cravings and gives your insulin receptors a break. Although weight issues are certainly a problem for many women, this monthly, five-day reset helps you to reset your eating habits. Not just for weight loss either since our (sometimes erratic and odd) eating habits during menopause effect more than just our weight and it’s important to be informed and supported as you make the healthy life changes that help your body adapt.

Supported in Dr. Allie’s online and offline communities, this five-day reset group is also meant to help refocus our attention and keep us on the right path to holistic health. Taking the time out for yourself has always been an important – if sometimes difficult – task but during such life transitions as menopause and perimenopause, it’s greatly helpful to be connected to others who are sharing your journey.

Start Getting Back on Track Today

Sign up today for Dr. Allie’s five-day reset group to give yourself the time, attention, nurturing, and support you deserve. If you’re ready to begin living your life to the fullest today, through menopause and perimenopause, contact Dr. Allie today.

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