Re-Birth of Self: Reaping the Rewards of Change

Rebirth – a renewed existence, activity, or growth; renaissance or revival

As we grow in our new ways of physical, emotional and mental health we become “re-born” in the sense that we are new people. Our old ways and habits are no longer a part of us. We are taking care of our bodies and minds and reaping the rewards!

A few weeks ago I received the joyous news that a friend is expecting her second child. I reflected back on the birth of my own children. I could picture how pink, new and clean they were as infants. So innocent and fresh. The memory made me entirely grateful that we can always start new, if we have the drive to do so. Keeping in mind- this “drive” is not something that is naturally born of us, but rather something we must cultivate through our own want and need to change our lives for the better, and doing the footwork to get there.

The footwork is different for each of us. For one person its regular yoga and a gratitude journal. For another its Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and a healthy eating plan… For yet another it’s professional talk-therapy and journaling. Each road to re-birth is different, and none is the wrong way.

If nothing else, know that no effort on our part is wasted, and each step brings us closer to our personal goals- whatever they may be.

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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