Proper Thyroid Function Is Important For Hormonal Balance During Menopause

Thyroid problems are common during menopause. Over 20 percent of women experiencing menopause are diagnosed with thyroid issues. There appears to be a causal relationship between low thyroid levels (hypothyroidism) and oestrogen dominance. Regulation of thyroid hormones is important to balance sex hormones in menopause.

thyroid hormones to balance sex hormones in menopause
Maca is a tuber which stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, encouraging the production of hormones.

The thyroid regulates the metabolic systems which control many essential processes in the body, especially in terms of the production of sex hormones. Prior to menopause, oestrogen is counterbalanced with progesterone. However, after menopause, while oestrogen levels fluctuate and eventually decline, progesterone levels stop completely.

An excess of oestrogen, also called oestrogen dominance, prevents the body from metabolizing thyroid hormones sufficiently. Thus, even when the thyroid produces a normal amount of oestrogen, it is ineffectively processed by the body, which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, and hair loss.

Often women are given hormone replacement for decreased oestrogen levels, which can compound some thyroid problems. In turn, these women are given thyroid medicine –whether synthetic or natural — to counteract symptoms from disrupted thyroid function. However, this fails to correct oestrogen dominance. While alleviation of symptoms often occur initially, regulation of both hormones is often difficult because of fluctuations in oestrogen production.

One alternative solution that addresses the complex relationship between oestrogen and thyroid hormones is taking maca. It is a type of tuber which, when ingested in the form of a powder, stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to create hormones which affect the whole endocrine system. Maca encourages the body’s production of hormones rather than simply replacing them. This allows for better regulation and consistent relief from troublesome symptoms.

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    Any recommendation on where to source maca and what dosages to use ?

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