Positive Body Image and Menopause: It’s Possible!

Menopause brings on, what sometimes feels like infinite physical and emotional changes that can wreck havoc on our self-perception. So how do we maintain, or perhaps create for the first time, a positive body image?

It’s true that we live in a photo shopped, airbrushed and re-colored world. And because we are unique women there isn’t a one size fits all formula to better feelings about our bodies. Here are some simple suggestions to help you get, or stay, on the right path of a positive body image:

Focus on your Finer Features: Got great calves? Skin tone? Cleavage? Write those positive traits down and compliment yourself on them if and when you find yourself focusing on the least favorable things about your body.

Whether you Loose Weight or Not- Exercise Tends to Make a Woman Feel Better about Her Body: Thoughts about what we feel is “wrong” with our bodies can steer us towards low self esteem, anxiety and disordered eating. Exercise can help combat these thoughts not only through a healthy endorphin surge but focusing on the parts we want to improve, but y focusing on sculpting our body parts. For example: Bicep curls with light weights can help in feeling better about the shape of our arms, and crunches can help us feel better about the flatness of our bellies.

Feed your Inner-Most Self (and not with food!): Engage in hobbies you enjoy! Being social or relaxing helps to banish stress that may make you even more critical of your body.

I can’t emphasize enough to be kind to you! And while I know this may take some practice, beating yourself up emotionally about your body only creates more discord. Make a commitment to yourself and your mental health and you will reap the rewards!

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