A pensive woman looking out the window while holding a cup of coffee - menopause concept

Are You Planning for Menopause or Is Menopause Planning You?

A pensive woman looking out the window while holding a cup of coffee - menopause concept

Ahh to be Young

Do you remember the frantic days of your 20s and 30s? Perhaps you had young children, a new career, new responsibilities, or a new business. Life was filled with everything from diaper changes to business meetings, and the chaos and mess never seemed to end. Chances are you looked at women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s with green-eyed jealousy! With established careers, financial stability, successful businesses, and grown, or almost grown, children, it looked like paradise!

Now you know better, right? Toddlers become teenagers and twenty-somethings, and that has its own set of challenges. Teenagers and young adults face enormous decisions about their futures in an increasingly uncertain world. They are dealing with intense emotions, first love, first heartbreak, and as we watch them cope with these major hurdles we have to wonder if we have adequately prepared them. In the meantime we help advise them as best we can and worry about them often. Life is full!

It is a tough economy for everyone, so not only are our children struggling to get jobs, our own careers may not be as successful as we had hoped in our starry-eyed youth. Our responsibilities and list of bills have certainly not gotten smaller. Now caring for our aging parents has been added to the list of things on our plates. Perhaps life is a little smoother these days but surely not by a lot.

Menopause is in the Mix

Just add menopause. Adding anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes, and sleepless nights was just what you were thinking of as the perfect solution, right? Perhaps that expectation we had as young adults that these would be the easy years makes it that much harder when they are not. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of open conversation about menopause or strategies for making it easier. So many women suffer in silence, and so many younger women simply do not know what to expect. Many of us are quite taken aback by the reality of midlife and the symptoms of menopause.

While there is not much we can do for you about aging parents, heartbroken teens or the economy, there is a lot we can do about menopause. There is absolutely no need to add physical and emotional suffering to the list of things you have going on. Doctor Allie is committed to helping women eliminate the symptoms of menopause without harmful chemicals and rediscover joy and vitality. So many women resign themselves to harmful chemicals to ease the symptoms of menopause, often with terrible side effects, but this is not necessary. Diet, exercise, supplements, and natural bioidentical hormones, in combination with stress reduction, is all you will ever need to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Every woman is different and experiences a different menopause. That is why Doctor Allie can work with you one on one to find the perfect combination of solutions for you.

The Plus Side

Big life changes can be incredibly challenging, but they do not have to be painful. Instead of suffering in silence, it is so important for us to reach out to others for help. Getting help from a professional like Doctor Allie is an important part of getting our lives and bodies back on track. Connecting with other women and supporting one another is also important. Having a community to exercise with, share recipes with, and even just vent with is a crucial part of maintaining our mental health and reducing stress. Now is the time to create healthier habits to benefit your whole being.

If you are ready to remove a major source of stress in your life and regain your energy and joy, pleaseĀ contact us. We are ready to help you find balance in this busy season of life.

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