Health and Life Coaching with Doctor Alison Grimston

hormone imbalancesCoaching provides a confidential and non-judgemental support structure that is impartial and completely personalised, enabling the client to focus on planning the future.

What is different about health and life coaching with Doctor Allie Grimston?

Coaching allows you to develop a special relationship over time between the coach and the client. The focus is on planning the future and through collaboration leads to the development of a health and lifestyle plan going forwards.

What will my appointment include?

As you initial appointment you and your coach will establish where you are now as regards your life and your health, and look at your current work-life balance, as stress has such major impacts on your health.

Over a series of telephone appointments, you will clarify your values, your vision and your purpose in life, develop goals for both your life and your health, and be encouraged to take action to achieve success.

his collaborative approach empowers you to seek support when needed, but gives you a level of accountability that keeps driving you forward.

The premise is that you have the answers within you that you need going forward, and reuse techniques such as listening, reflecting, questioning, and sharing of resources as you find your own answers with support.

Most life and health coaching appointments are made long-distance via telephone or Skype.

Why Would I Choose Life and Health Coaching and Mentoring?

In our current culture and climate, most of us have lost touch with our vision for the future, and our dreams. Most of us accept second-best in life, or the goals that others have put upon us. Coaching and mentoring gives you help and support to identify your personal potential, in life and in your health, and allows you to shoot to achieve far more than is possible going it alone. It also gives you clarity.

The aim of coaching and mentoring is to support you as you step into your full potential and improve your life and your health going forwards.

Please Contact Doctor Allie to discuss if this is right for you:-

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