Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the use of a personalised prescription of hormones that are exactly identical to your natural hormones, to relieve symptoms of hormone imbalance.

What Are Bio Identical Hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are derived from yam, and chemically adjusted in the laboratory to make them 100% identical in chemical structure to our natural hormones. They may include but are not restricted to: Biest (a combination of oestrogens), progesterone, DHE A (dehydroepiandrosterone), pregnenolone, melatonin, and testosterone. Most of these hormones are best taken by non-oral routes, such as a cream smoothed into the skin or a lozenge absorbed within the mouth.

What will my appointment include?

Your initial assessment will involve a careful assessment of symptoms, a review of a hormone symptom diary that you may have kept, and a review of any blood tests that you may have already obtained from your GP. Then selective blood/saliva testing will be organised.

At your next appointment we will discuss the results of your tests, and decide with you on your optimal next steps. We are likely to issue you with a prescription for bio identical hormones at this stage, however it is essential that you also take on other recommended lifestyle changes, such as alterations in your diet and exercise. We will also recommend a supplement regime which will optimise the effects of the prescribed hormones.

Ongoing assessments will be at intervals dependent on your preferred treatment package. We will review your symptoms and adjust your prescription accordingly. If you choose to remain on BHRT for longer than a year, we will recommend an annual ultrasound scan and may recommend additional monitoring by saliva or blood testing.

Your prescription is a personalised recommendation, with the constituent hormones compounded in different strengths at a specialist pharmacy (Customised 4 U Pharmacy, Manchester -0800 035 3078 – ).

Why choose BHRT?

Traditional pharmaceutical HRT prescribed by your usual doctor is a foreign chemical, and recognised as foreign by your body. Although it can relieve some of the symptoms of the menopause, it is frequently associated with adverse effects such as breast tenderness, bloating, and many other symptoms.

BHRT has been shown to relieve many of the symptoms of hormone imbalance that we experience in our day-to-day life, including those of the menopause, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, the andropause (commonly referred to as the male menopause), and the effects of severe prolonged stress, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid imbalance.

In addition there is now increasing evidence that bio identical HRT may actually confer a reduced risk of chronic health problems such as osteoporosis, dementia, osteoarthritis, gum disease, strokes and heart attacks. This area is a source of active debate in medical circles, because for many of these areas pharmaceutical HRT with artificial progestins has been shown to increase the risks.

Bioidentical HRT is also associated with anti-ageing effects, as it reduces the ageing of the cells, with noticeable reduction in skin ageing.

What Is the Aim of Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

With BHRT, our aim is to help you return to hormone balance through integrated medicine; our aim is always for you to be on the minimum effective dose of hormones.

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