Oprah Touts The Benefits Of Oestrogen And Bioidentical Hormones

A new advocate of oestrogen and bioidentical hormones has stepped forward. Oprah Winfrey recently wrote that she had “suffered from an out-of-kilter feeling for two years” before consulting a specialist and being prescribed bioidentical hormone replacements. The 55-year-old media mogul claims, “After one day on bioidentical oestrogen, I felt the veil lift.”

Benefits Of Oestrogen And Bioidentical Hormones
Bioidentical oestrogen is an excellent recourse for women beginning to experience menopause.

Unlike oestrogen derived from animal sources, bioidentical oestrogen is primarily from plant sources, and has not been linked to the same side effects as animal-derived oestrogen. However, even bioidentical hormone replacements are not appropriate for every woman.

Who, exactly, would benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

First and foremost, women who have undergone surgical menopause may benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Precipitous drops in hormone levels have been known to cause severe side effects, and bioidentical oestrogen is an excellent recourse for these individuals.

Second, women who suffer from menopausal symptoms can benefit from bioidentical hormones. Using BHRT to treat symptoms on a limited basis, as opposed to using it to prevent disease, is highly beneficial. Bioidentical oestrogen is especially helpful in treating hot flashes and other menopausal difficulties caused by abnormal hormone levels.

Of course, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy optimization requires tailoring to meet individual needs. Women should have their saliva tested to determine which levels are appropriate for treatment, and exactly which combination of BHRT is best, especially since hormonal symptoms are sometimes due to an excess of oestrogen. A qualified practitioner will determine the exact compound of bioidentical hormones that will provide the most relief, as well as the correct length of time for its use.

Your practitioner will also provide suggestions to augment your prescribed BHRT, including dietary modifications and exercise routines. These can help your body eliminate other causes of abnormal hormone levels.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, when prescribed by a qualified practitioner, can safely eliminate your most detrimental menopausal symptoms, without exposing your body to the risks of traditional hormone treatment. For more information on the best remedy for your menopausal symptoms, please contact me.

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