New start/starting over- “Re-Set”. Low G.I. – healthy weight loss Benefits of low G.I. diet; Weight loss and disease control – part 1

Do an internet search on weight loss and you’ll find that the “results” are overwhelming! With 623,000,000 websites, blogs, and online bulletin boards dedicated to weight loss it’s no wonder that the general population is confused and misinformed about losing weight the healthy way. Losing weight isn’t just about watching the pounds disappear from the scale; if we are to obtain lasting health, wellness and vitality we MUST adopt a healthy lifestyle change!

So where does one begin? Let’s first understand that very few “diets” have documented clinical research backing up their claims. For example, the “HCG Diet” promises that ANYONE can loose 30 pounds in 30 days. And while many people do in fact loose 30 lbs in 30 days, what is the price they are paying? For one, you must find a doctor who will “prescribe” the synthetic HCG hormone, which a person injects themselves with several times per day (that’s right folks, you will be giving yourself shots!). Additionally, you are limited to a 500 calorie intake a DAY choosing from an EXTREMELY limited “approved food list.” The common side effects of this diet are irritability, extreme fatigue, nausea, mood swings and forgetfulness. To top it off, the average cost of this diet is upwards of $500.00 a month!

It’s ridiculous and is surely a dangerous way to “get thin quick,” when a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, leans meats, fish, and poultry nourishes our bodies, provides optimum energy, and aids in healthy, sustained weight loss! This “lifestyle change” is also referred to as the Low Glycaemic Index Diet (Low G.I. Diet). It is a scientifically proven method for losing and maintaining weight as well as independently reducing your risk for Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, gallbladder disease, and breast cancer!

What’s more, Individuals utilizing the Low G.I. diet also report having increased energy and improved moods.  But don’t take my word for it, read over the USANA Case Study below and/or do a quick online search for “Low G.I. Diet Health Benefits.” The proof is in the pudding.

USANA CASE STUDY (No. 15)Reversal of Metabolic Syndrome through a Lifestyle Change Program involving a Low Glycaemic Diet and Exercise
Dr. Ray Strand, Dr. Tim Wood and Toni McKinnon
USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Type 2 diabetes has risen to epidemic proportions intheUnited States and other industrialized countries (1, 2). Recent research has shown that this disease is highly preventable, and that lifestyle interventions involving changes in diet and physical activity are effective in reversing many oftherisk factors and disease processes associated with this condition (3, 4, and 5). Such approaches are thought to be particularly effective in people with Metabolic Syndrome, a pre-diabetic state involving multiple symptoms including over-weight and central obesity, insulin resistance, elevated blood lipids, elevated blood glucose, and high blood pressure (6).

The objective of this clinical trial was to determine whether a 12-week lifestyle modification program, involving low-glycaemic functional foods, a low glycaemic diet, and modest exercise could reverse many ofthesymptoms of Metabolic Syndrome in affected people.

If you are interested in taking action to move your health to the next level, please apply for a complimentary ”Get Your Life Back” Strategy Session by filling out the contact form here  (Please note – it doesn’t matter where you are in the world for you to benefit, as long as you have an internet connection or phone line).


  1. Teresa eaton

    Hi my 16yr old daughter is wondering if she can do this plan .as we have seen great results .we have tried other diets and nothing seems to work.

    1. Doctor Allie

      It should be fine, however, for children, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your doctor before embarking on a diet or weight management regime. I have had good results with the MySmartFoods or Nutrimeal in youngsters.

    1. Doctor Allie

      Hi Catherine, I am running a 5-day re-set and a 28-day Healthy Body Challenge following on – both will help you step forward into better health. Cost starts at £106 + P&P as a registered customer, or £114 if not, for the 5 day.

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