Natural Ways of Curing a Headache

Headaches are boring, aren’t

Many people around prefer to pop
a pill to get rid of headaches. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen work quickly and
usually well. However, it is not always best to take tablets; it is habit forming
and exposes you to risks from overuse of any particular kind of drug. 

One or two bouts of headache a
month is considered natural. However, if it becomes repetitive or persistent,
it is definitely a matter of concern. You may require a medical check in such a

But first, let’s see what causes
headaches? Well, there are hundreds of causes, but the most common ones for
catching a headache are exposure to cold or hot sun, congestion, circulatory
problems, fluid deprivation, flu-like illnesses, and tension or excessive

Sometimes weird reasons such as
indigestion and acidity can also trigger a headache.

So, what do you do when you have
a headache? 

There are numerous approaches to
curing a headache. Here, I will dwell only on some of the natural ways of curing
a headache that are of the non-repetitive type , which you can very well apply
all by yourself without taking any pill, be it a drug or a herbal product.

When you’re having a headache,
take a warm bath or shower. This improves blood circulation in your body and
helps you to get relief. 

Make sure you have drunk plenty
of water; the commonest cause I see in general practice is reduced fluid
intake. Water really is better than alternatives; it is more thirst-quenching,

You can also apply an ice-pack on
the painful area, particularly the forehead, temples or the back of your neck
for quick and natural relief from headache, especially if the hot sun is
considered as the trigger. 

A gentle massage of the sore area
can not only relax the sore tissues and muscles, but also improve circulation
in the affected area making you feel better. You can use your index finger
and/or thumb and apply a rotating pressure for 10-15 seconds and then release
it. Do it for some time and I’m sure you’ll get good results.

As headaches are sometimes caused
by overstraining, rest can provide relief from headaches.  Simply take a nap, or sit down quietly in a
low-lit room. Keep your eyes closed and try to release the tension in your
neck, back and shoulders. 

Some light exercises are also
known to naturally relieve headaches quickly. I’d always suggest taking a walk.
However, if you’re in no mood to strain your legs, simply stand before an open
window where you can breathe in some fresh air. Take a deep breath, hold it for
some time and then slowly release it through both the nostrils (and not the
mouth). This exercise accelerates blood flow inside the body, particularly in
the region of the heads and gives you quick relief from headache…naturally.

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