Mental Health & Menopause

Do you ever feel like your mind is unraveling before your eyes? It’s as if our menopausal symptoms grabbed a hold of our brains and said “well, I have affected nearly every aspect of your body, let’s go for the mind now!” (Insert evil “mu-haha” laugh here). Mental health and mood disorders are a touchy subject for a lot of women, and a little laughter is always a good ice-breaker.

It’s true that many women who are already suffering from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and Bi-Polar Disorder (among others) will often feel an exacerbation of symptoms due to changes  in hormone levels in Menopause. If that’s you, it’s probably a good time to see your Doctor and review your personal Mental Health Plan. It’s also a good time to try and incorporate some of the relaxation and stress relieving techniques we have been talking about here (if you aren’t already!)

On the other hand, if you haven’t experienced a major mood disorder and/or mental health issue prior to menopause, now is the time to speak up and seek help. For some, three of the most difficult words to say, are “I need help.” Remember our mind-body connection? One cannot function properly without the other being healthy. If you are experiencing a low, depressed mood, overall feelings of anxiety or panic attacks or chronic insomnia it’s time to practice good self-care and get help.

As always, please keep in mind that we are our own health advocates! Just by being here and reading this you are taking a step in the right direction. Be kind to yourself, and be well.

You can read more about Menopause and Mood Disorders HERE.

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