Three generations of happy women together

Sharing the Wisdom of Menopause Bonds Generations Together

Generations of Women Will Always Share Life’s Changes

What a wonderful bond to build when you blend a team of women with one who has been through menopause, another going through menopause, and a younger one who has this life-altering experience yet to come. As some women put it, “you just have to get through it.”

Three generations of happy women together

Getting through it is not the same for every woman. Until we move into that phase of our lives, we don’t know exactly what to expect. Sometimes, it is hard to be patient with the women who are moving on to join the golden girl’s club.

Menopause Is Not the Same for All

Just as age differs when teens experience puberty, perimenopause and menopause do not have a definitive age of starting. Understanding the basics of menopause, what to expect, and why it is important to stay active even when you do not feel like it.

You can chat with some older women and they will tell you that they didn’t feel like menopause was too bad. They may explain how they remember having less energy and feeling very moody. On the other hand, you can talk with women who experienced it all with extreme hot flashes and night sweats that actually made them feel like they had just climbed out of the bathtub without drying off.

It’s just like going through puberty. Some teenaged girls experience excruciating menstrual cramps and excessive bleeding, while other girls hardly ever experience severe issues other than the inconvenience of the monthly bleeding. For some women, going through menopause is very traumatic. It can be almost debilitating with headaches, sleepless nights, severe mood swings and more. No wonder some women are moving at a slug’s pace; they are exhausted.

It’s not something that anyone enjoys from the person going through it to their immediate family and on to friends and co-workers. It’s a part of life that every woman will experience. When you are a person who has gone through it, you understand that compassion is the best thing to offer. If you are a young woman, you will be going through this change of life at some point. Learn more about it, offer kindness and compassion to those you know who are experiencing it. That same compassion will help you get through it.

Looking Forward to Reaching the Other Side of Menopause

Just like when we were teenagers, we loved sharing everything with our besties or our sisters. It is important to have one or two people that you can talk with and experience a good cry together. Most of all, laugh about it all. Laugh about forgetting to turn on the dryer, laugh about all the crying for no reason, and laugh about all the ways you’re driving your family, friends or co-workers crazy. If you’re an artist, draw out that image to share a laugh that will surely make you feel better.

If you are just beginning to experience perimenopause or menopause, many postmenopausal women will tell you that there is a silver lining that outshines the silver hair. Some women say it’s the freedom from the monthly periods and the worry of pregnancy. For other women, menopause has inspired them to tell their story and help other women discover the joys of being a postmenopausal woman.

Remember, just get through it. You will reach the other side of menopause.

When “Getting Through It” Means Getting Help

Many women share the extreme symptoms that menopause has to offer. The great news is that with today’s knowledge and expert studies of menopause, there are caring individuals who are there to help women move through this time with grace.

One such person you will love to meet is Doctor Allie. She has years of working with women moving through the change of life. She understands it is a time of high stress and low energy. Most of all, she knows that every woman is uniquely different, and she looks at “your personal hormone profile.” When you are too far away to meet her in one of her clinics, today’s technology allows you to meet Dr. Allie from the comfort of your home via a Zoom online meeting room – as one client said, “It is just like being in the same room with you!”

Contact Doctor Allie to have a better life experience when menopause gives you too many stressful moments to keep you from getting through your days. Let Dr. Allie empower you to look beyond menopause and find your silver lining. One day, you will be there to help women just get through it.

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