Colonic hydrotherapy

The Many Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapyDo you suffer from a sluggish colon? Of all the organs in the body, it’s the colon that is usually the one that’s neglected the most. When your bloodstream is congested with toxic waste products, it can’t function properly, which can affect you both physically and mentally. Fortunately, many people are finding relief from colon discomfort and regularity problems by having colonic hydrotherapy. Here are a few of the basic benefits of this type of therapy, along with some considerations.

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colon cleansing or colonics, is a medical treatment that infuses warm water into a person’s colon via the rectum. The purpose of the therapy is to gently rinse the colon to remove caked fecal matter, mucous and gas. No drugs or chemicals are usedmaking the treatment effective and relaxing.

Constipation Prevention and Improved Digestion

One of the main advantages of colonic hydrotherapy is to prevent constipation as well as improve digestion. Consider how being constipated can make it difficult to digest food. Also, the reverse is true as poor digestion can cause constipation.

When your digestion is messed up, your body can hold on to waste products. This can interfere with nutrients being absorbed into your system, which can result in lethargy and a weakened immune system. However, when your colon undergoes detoxification, the undigested body wastes are released out of your body, restoring bowel regularity.

Increased Energy

A huge perk of colonic hydrotherapy is that it can increase energy. When toxins exit your body, you can feel invigorated. This is because the energy that was used to force out waste from the intestines is now refocused. In fact, most people who’ve had a colon cleansing report having better sleep patterns and improved blood circulation, in addition to more energy.

A Jump-start in Weight Loss

A colon cleanse can be helpful in kicking off weight loss. Consider how eating low-fibre foods can be detrimental for your body. Besides being hard to digest, foods low in fibre can lead to overeating. Because your stomach doesn’t feel full, you tend to eat more food than you should.

Additionally, low-fibre foods move much slower through your digestive tract and produce too much mucous that adheres to the walls of the intestines. As a result, the intestinal tract is weighed down with decaying faecal products. By having your colon cleansed, your diet can get a jump-start. What’s more, your metabolism is also increased, and you’ll be more careful to choose healthier, fibre-rich foods.

Improved Cognitive Abilities and Better Concentration

When your diet is defective and vitamins aren’t effectively absorbed into your system, you can suffer from poor concentration and reduced cognitive abilities. This is because toxins and mucous accumulating in your colon can prevent your body from receiving the important nutrients it needs, although you may be consuming healthy foods. After receiving colonic hydrotherapy, many people find that they can focus again, feel more alert and enjoy better overall health.

Fertility Benefits

Colon cleansing can even be beneficial in solving fertility problems. For example, when you have excess fat, which is oestrogen-based, it can be hard to conceive. Cleansing the colon can eliminate many toxins and chemicals that can interfere with the egg and sperm. In fact, sometimes, both partners are advised to have colonic hydrotherapy before they try to get pregnant.

Other Benefits

Having colonic hydrotherapy can also reduce the odds of developing colon cancer. When stagnant faecal waste is released, there’s less of a threat for polyps, cysts and tumours growing in your colon and gastrointestinal tract.

Additional benefits from colonic hydrotherapy include helping your body heal from problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, skin disorders, abnormal body odour, arthritis, headaches, brittle nails, Candida overgrowth and other conditions.


  • Most people who’ve undergone a colon cleansing find that it is painless. About the only mild discomfort you may experience is when the speculum is inserted, but this lasts for just a few seconds. I have had 3 colonic sessions in the last month as part of a liver cleanse – and I found the introductory video on the ARCH website very useful and reassuring.
  • You don’t have to worry about emitting an offensive odour during the treatment as you’ll be in a private room and properly draped.
  • Although a colon cleansing is sometimes mistaken as an enema, they’re not the same. One major difference is that an enema only entails cleansing the lower portion of the colon, while a colonic cleans out the entire colon.
  • Another difference is that enemas involve a rapid and powerful evacuation of body waste, which can cause cramping and bloating. On the other hand, with a colon cleansing, there’s a gentle outflow of warm water that dissolves slowly and naturally, promoting the release of toxic waste so that there’s no stress on the body.

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