Managing PCOS And Insulin Resistance Through Diet And Exercise

pcos and insulin resistance
Regular exercise is an effective way to control insulin resistance naturally.

As if the myriad problems caused by PCOS weren’t difficult enough, insulin resistance is another PCOS-related issue that causes health problems for many women. Not only does insulin resistance contribute to the risk of developing diabetes later in life, but it can also cause increased body hair, irregular or reduced periods, and acne. Luckily, there are lifestyle changes that can help lessen the effects of insulin resistance caused by PCOS.  Through proper diet and exercise, insulin resistance can be managed efficiently and effectively, overall health and energy can be improved, and future health problems can be avoided.

Insulin resistance can be improved greatly with a carefully regulated diet that might well help set your body back on the right course.

  • Reduce sugar consumption. Excessive consumption of white sugars can exacerbate many health problems. Instead, moderate the amount of sugar that you’re consuming, and try healthier alternatives, like honey and stevia.
  • Reduce or eliminate white flour. In some cases, many of the symptoms of PCOS or insulin resistance may be lessened by removing gluten from your diet entirely — which might be worth a shot. If that’s not a viable option for you, then try at least removing white flour from your diet for a little while. Eat whole grains instead. It will take a little while for your taste buds to adapt, but once they do, you might even discover that you don’t miss white flour!
  • Exercise regularly. Thirty to sixty minutes a day is a good standard recommendation, but if that feels overwhelming, start small! A thirty minute walk three days a week is easy to fit into your busy schedule, but will have a big impact on your overall health and wellness. Having trouble fitting in a thirty minute block of exercise? Try ten-minute sessions, three times a day: before work, after work, and at lunch time. Exercise is known to reduce insulin resistance, so it’s well worth the effort.
  • Add in foods that are high in fiber. This will help regulate insulin resistance in your body.

Ready to get started? Need a little extra help?Please contact me to design a whole-body approach to managing your PCOS and insulin resistance.


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