Making Healthy Eating EASY!

We know that we are supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables, but how do we make this easier on ourselves, while getting the freshest produce possible? Perhaps you have been trying to incorporate more raw foods, however, you are so busy that the bananas are going bad and the spaghetti squash has been sitting around too long for comfort. Here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction:

Determine what your favorite Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ARE first!
No matter how good a vegetable is for you, if you don’t like the taste- don’t buy it! You won’t eat it and it will go bad. We are human, we all have different palettes and not everyone likes beetroot, so cater for your taste and that of your family!

When you discover what you like the best…. Cut, chop or dice them up as you wish, and store in plastic baggies or small plastic containers that are easy to grab on the go. You won’t be tempted to grab a doughnut because it was more convenient!


However, when your favorites aren’t in season, buy frozen!
Frozen fruits and veggies have a much longer shelf life. Even though the nutritional value goes down a bit, you are still feeding your body the nutrients it needs.  You can buy fresh and freeze them yourself, or better still, grow your own and freeze it! You can buy canned also, however look for low sodium versions, and be aware that the nutritional value is reduced with storage. You can use the canned veggies in soups, stews or time saving slow cooker meals- great for the winter months! (Check out this great raw foods recipe site for ideas!)

Get the freshest foods by shopping at local Farmer’s Markets and Farms: Generally, you’ll find the freshest produce at farmers markets and farms. You can even stock up! If you buy a large amount of produce, you can clean and cut up what you don’t need today and can keep it safely in the freezer for about 8 months to a year (more information HERE.)

These are our favourite ways to get organised with our colourful, crunchy foods… What are yours? Please share!

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