How Life Balance Affects Your Hormones: Helping Your Brain and Body Naturally

BalanceTrying to balance our lives so it doesn’t overwhelm might sound like an impossibility in the times we’re living in. It’s true that life is more stressful than ever, no matter where you live. When you’re dealing with pressures, it’s going to affect your hormones, especially when going through menopause.

These issues could bring health problems like adrenal fatigue, which makes trying to cope during a work day nearly impossible.

It’s time to think a little more about how life balance can affect your hormone balance both positively and negatively. With various hormones being raised or lowered due to these stresses, your brain and body are going to react.

What can you do to keep your hormones balanced along with your life? Let’s look at which hormones might become affected and how to fix your life so you adjust your health.

Things That Affect Your Brain

Keeping your brain healthy is a major part of maintaining life balance so you don’t face burnout. One key hormone affecting your brain is cortisol, which is directly related to stress. As a major stress hormone, getting this into your bloodstream starts to increase your heart rate, which may bring serious cardiac problems if going on continually.

Unrelenting stress can start to diminish your cortisol after a time as well, leading to extreme fatigue. Any exercise you do all depends on your adrenal fatigue stage. Short cardio or weight training exercises are fine for early stages, but Stage 2 or 3 requires more gentle exercise like yoga or Qui Gong. Four cycles of 30 seconds of burst training, 3-5 times per week is ideal. Even 10-minute walks three times a week are beneficial.

Other hormones affecting your brain include melatonin and oxytocin. You may already know about low melatonin levels and how it causes overeating, diabetes, or cancer. You’ll need to banish any light in your bedroom while you sleep to keep your melatonin in check.

Oxytocin is basically your love hormone, and you can raise it naturally by simply doing non-noxious sensory stimulation. This means basic intimate touch or warmth, as well as massage. Treating yourself to the latter, you’ll help more than just oxytocin to relieve psychological and physical stress.

Hormones Affecting Your Thyroid

You have two main hormones affecting how well your thyroid works, known as Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3). When your thyroid hormones are too low or high, it definitely affects your quality of life. Throwing these hormones out of whack can bring everything from palpitations, anxiety, and tremors. Even diarrhoea, heat or cold intolerance, hair loss, exhaustion, brain fog, and constipation are all possible.

In almost all cases, these unbalanced hormones are made worse by chronic stress, or just not eating right. To keep these balanced, take time out to do meditation for stress management. Plus, eat well-balanced meals every day with fruits and vegetables.

Hormones Affecting Your Ovaries

If you’re experiencing reduced libido, feeling irritable, or depressed, it’s may be due to PMS caused by oestrogen dominance, or an excess of oestrogen with respect to progesterone. Or, it may be due to perimenopause causing low levels of both hormones. Oestrogen and progesterone are the two hormones related to ovaries that benefit from you keeping a successfully balanced life.

Eating an organic diet is one good way to keep these hormones controlled. One good reason is the chemicals in non-organic foods can upset your hormone balance by impacting receptors.

Consuming vegetables and whole grains do a lot toward regulating oestrogen. Include testosterone as well, as this male hormone is crucial for your libido and muscle strength as a woman.

Hormones Affecting Digestion

Your stomach can become affected greatly due to disrupted hormones like leptin, ghrelin, or serotonin. All of these originate in the gut area and affect your appetite in one way or the other. For life balance, you don’t want to have too little appetite or too much without facing digestion and weight issues.

Eliminating sugar from your diet helps tremendously with leptin and ghrelin. A low-carb diet does just as much toward regulating your serotonin.

Contact us at Doctor Allie’s Vitality Clinics so we can help you find natural life balance and guide you through the storm of menopause or perimonopause.

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