Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Barcombe_sunset Wow! I have just read Judith’s 1001 (yes, 1001) reasons to be grateful!

I have been encouraging the kids to notice the things they are grateful for every day, and Boy! does it change your outlook on life! However, I did not make the original EFT class and have not (yet) been keeping a gratitude journal (although I have a sneaky suspicion that here may be a use for the beautiful silver diary that Nathalie aged 6 gave me for my Christmas present).

Do have a read of Judith’s blog – you may only scan the gratitude list (I actually read it – wow!) – but she is so right! Judith is an inspirational and motivating lady whom I have met on the Moneygym, who owns several properties, several businesses, and loves business coaching, too!

As for my gratitude list for tonight – just a few, honest –

My children, Willow the licky loopy black labrador, Guy my soul mate, chef and husband, the tent in the garden, fresh air, green, plants, animals, healing, love, sunsets like this one in Barcombe, the clouds, God, the angels, intuition, my health, discovering the Moneygym, Liz Whiter, Jo Shawcross, my mother, horses, Wow, Betty, Dancer, my wonderful house, this amazing garden, which is bigger than any I have ever had or ever will in any previous or future life, the birds, the rabbits, our guinea pig colony, the holiday cottage, cattle, Middle Farm, violins, singing, piano, and I have to stop now because Guy wants the computer – roll on me setting up the wireless network!

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