Is Going Organic Going to Help Your Health? Part 3

Part three of a three part series, in case you missed them, here are part one and part two.

Lastly, a label on eggs and meat can indicate if the animal was caged or penned. Most people feel that this does not make a difference in the quality or nutritional value of the meat, but in fact stressed animals release more stress hormones, which affects the meat quality, flavor and nutritional value. There is also the matter of animal rights, and how our knowledge of how those animals have lived and died, which may affect us spiritually.  These products may also be a bit more expensive, but if your value system indicates that humane animal husbandry should be supported, it is a decision worth making to be completely aligned with your beliefs. Reading the label and making healthy choices can sometimes be difficult, but learning how to do so can help you make the best choices for you diet.

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