Is Going Organic Going to Help Your Health? Part 2

Part 2 of a 3 part series, if you missed part one read it here.

Another label you may see is “no hormones” or “hormone-free”. This is usually in regards to milk or meat products and is actually incorrect, since all animals naturally produce hormones. Hormones are what helps an animal (even a human) regulate body organs, have young, and otherwise function. All meat products have hormones. What the labels really mean is that there are no artificially added hormones; these are sometimes given to animals to increase milk production and meat bulk. While common in the USA, in Europe there are restrictions on added hormones in animal husbandry, because of the unknown effects on us in the long term.

There is increasing evidence that the higher numbers of xenohormones in our environment, from hormone treated foods, pollution, chemical pesticides & multiple other sources,  are already apparently affecting the age of puberty in our children, the incidence of PMS and polycystic disease, and early perimenopausal symptoms. It makes sense to keep these to a minimum.

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  1. My #3 son is trending “only organic.” Even the wine he purchases says organic. Call me a pessimist but I’m questioning some of those labels.

    When I was growing up on the island of Antigua, our chickens ran around the yard. Our cattle ate only grass. I could go in my back yard and pick a papaya and other fruits.

    We use to complain when we had to go and help our dad with the milk. We complained even more when our mother sent home buckets of fish, fresh from the ocean for us to clean. We were so darn lucky.

    I give thanks today for that amazing life style and for food that was truly organic and free from artificial additives. We were living the rich life style.

    Thanks for sharing your information about hormones. I’m enlightened.

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