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Happynurse_logo_small Blogtag returns!

Claire Westwood of Happynurses has tagged me in another round of global blogtag.This time it started in the US and has, without doubt, spread around the world, with each partaker adding their 5 favourite website resources.

The rules in the current round are as follows:

MUST be clean. No R rated sites (I guess X-rated in the UK?)
Only FIVE links.
MUST tell 5 people.
A link back to the person who tagged you
Lara’s place is the meme originator

Like my friend and coach Margaret Collins, I will find this challenging – not only in restricting it to 5 web resources (which is I suspect her major challenge) but also in finding 5 people to send it on to!

I know that Nicola Cairncross has been tagged, as she sent it to Claire. And I know Judith Morgan has also, as she passed it on to Margaret. Philly Richards has been blogtagged by Margaret, and so it goes on….

Anyway, my most useful web resources are:

1. Typepad – I have found this blog service easy to use and flexible (although now I am obviously using WordPress!). Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan advised me early on in my Moneygym journey that blogging is an essential first step, and how right they are! I procrastinated for a couple of months, then took the plunge in February 2007. The rest, as they say, is history! Once you have dedicated the time needed to get round Typepad (and I believe this takes less time than other software, including the freebies), its flexibility is impressive! Pictures, links, books, CDs, adverts, Adsense and much much more can be added at the touch of a button.

2. The Lonely Entrepreneur website – Judith Morgan’s wonderful starter site for solopreneurs. It is free for the first 1000 members, while she builds up a strong community, and she has reached about 3-400 so far – so join up, do! Judith’s knowhow is clear and hits the mark. She is an astute businesswoman, knows how to E-myth a business, can teach you how to franchise one (well not officially franchise but The Cleaning Biz is well impressive, it runs itself once you get your pod and start it up) and is THE business coach. We are all privileged to have her leadership and advice – just look at her articles and Ebook on her site!

3. Subhub – this amazing company has the best membership site software and hosting around. It has taken Judith and Nicola Cairncross years to research the marketplace and find them. They are setting up my membership site, and the advice and they have given has been great – particularly the book they sent me while I was mulling over my ideas!

4. Google – the main parts I use are the search box, of course, and Google alerts, which tell me whenever a certain phrase is blogged or written about. As my business develops I will be using Adsense and Adwords more… And to think it started with an idea….

5. Amazon – nowadays isn’t it amazing that the first thing people think of on mention of this word is a website rather than a river and rain forest? Truly amazing success story started in a garage, and I use their site for searching out my next book, their wish list, their Listmania, the A-stores…. and they keep thinking up more!

Now, back to wondering who I can tag…Jimmy the trawlerman – my husband Guy has been chatting to him about Milk quotas versus fishing quotas, although I expect he will be too busy on the North Sea to play…..Andrea Goodsaid, the Networking expert and author in Virginia, US….Claire Raikes, the business blog angel (although I suspect she has already been tagged)……Stephanie Hale of the Oxford Writers………and Janet Swift of Swiftly Sorted….Go for it folks!

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