Improving Short-term Memory: A Holistic Approach

Short-term memory or primary memory is crucial for daily life: whether remembering to keep appointments or perform important tasks, your short-term memory is what lets you make plans on Monday and carry them out on Thursday without a verbal or electronic reminder.

Many women experience worsening short-term memory around the onset of menopause. There are differing opinions as to why this is. Some suggest that hormonal changes may affect your ability to recall, while others suggest that the increased stress associated with untreated menopause symptoms is what causes forgetfulness. Whatever the cause, holistically improving your short-term memory through effective methods and lifestyle changes is possible.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Short-term Memory

Fatigue and insomnia are two problems that reduce your ability to store and recall information effectively. These are both symptoms linked to the onset of menopause. Bioidentical hormone replacement eases symptoms that are caused by fluctuating hormone levels, and this in turn can improve short term memory by reducing distracting physical sensations. In addition to following a hormone replacement plan tailored to your age and health profile, there are additional ways you can improve your short-term memory holistically.

Methods for a Holistic Approach to Short-Term Memory

Do you have a constant feeling of brain fog? In addition to making sure that you get enough sleep and combat the sleep-related symptoms of menopause with BHRT, here are measures you can take to improve your memory holistically:

  • Learn ancient memory tricks: If you need to memorise a to-do list, visualize assigning each item on your list in sequence to a place along your daily routine. For example, your front door could be given the association ‘buy groceries’ while the front gate you might associate with ‘make a doctor’s appointment’. When you take this pre-planned route, the reminders you have stored at these points should return to you.
  • Take quality health supplements that support optimal cognitive function. Your doctor can recommend the best supplements for your profile.
  • Alcohol and stress are both proven to reduce optimal memory function: try cutting your intake if you drink regularly, and learn relaxation techniques that will help you maintain enhanced mental clarity.

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