Could Your Thyroid Be Reducing Your Sex Drive / Libido?

Having an active sex life is part of many people’s goal for a happier life, though perhaps you’re experiencing a strange low libido of late. If you feel too embarrassed to talk about it with your spouse or a doctor, you’ll only make the problem worse. The fact is, it’s a completely natural situation with numerous solutions. Could it be hypothyroidism?

While various conditions can contribute to low sex drive, a major common cause is hypothyroidism. This is perhaps new to you if you never connected your thyroid to sexual function.

What’s important is to watch out for specific symptoms so you scope things out and get proper treatment.

Once you start working with a professional, you’ll be able to see the hypothyroidism & sex drive connection. It can bring an enlightened discussion about thyroid hormones and how they connect to sex hormones and lethargy.

What Are the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism?

Initially, you may think your low sex drive is due to general menopause. While it’s obviously possible, you’ll want to take time to detect whether it’s really hypothyroidism. One way to find out on your own is to check various other symptoms common to this hormone problem.

Many symptoms exist, though fatigue and depression are ones most women experience first. However, you may have more defined symptoms like dry skin or brittle nails. Irregular periods or PMS symptoms may appear. Even puffiness in the face or extremities are a red flag.

On occasion, you could experience a goitre (a swollen thyroid gland), which may lead to either hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) or hypothyroidism Рand it may be present with euthyroidism Рwhen your levels of thyroid hormones are normal.

Your doctor can know with a simple blood test. It’s important to detect this soon, because not getting it treated could lead to permanent damage. This includes never being able to restore your libido to what it was.

Relation of Libido to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Most women suffering from hypothyroidism also have what’s known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. As an autoimmune disease, it creates a domino effect in affecting your sex hormones.

Because it creates more inflammation in the body, your adrenal glands release more cortisol. The reason this occurs is to counteract your body’s inflammation.

Once cortisol starts to rise, an important master hormone called progesterone starts to lower. As a result, you’ll start to experience a hormonal imbalance called the pregnenolone steal. The latter hormone ends up producing cortisol rather than other important hormones.

Progesterone loss ultimately creates more oestrogen. With your sex hormones being diminished, you now see the entire route to creating this imbalance.

So how do you fix it in a natural way to bring back an active sex life? You have a few things to do, and it means feeding your adrenals.

Things to Consume for Restoring Adrenal Function

Timing your meals is a good way to regulate cortisol levels, so eat healthy meals during specific times of the day to keep control. Don’t forget to add vitamin C, B, and magnesium, which you can acquire through supplements.

Maca root is known for helping restore libido as well for women and men. Even taking something as simple as zinc supplements brings back better sexual function.

Don’t forget about basic foods like dark chocolate, which has bioflavonoids to enhance blood flow to sexual organs. Some foods you wouldn’t expect like garlic or pineapple create an effect in the body aiding in circulation, or increased testosterone.

If you’ve ever avoided using ginger in anything, don’t avoid it any longer thanks to its ability to enhance sexual sensations. Also, a food you probably hated (spinach) adds to the mix thanks to folic acid being one of the best sexual enhancers.

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