Holistic approaches to depression

Fernworthy_small Hi there, naturally healthy people!

I was recently approached for advice about managing depression, alongside medication.

I see many people with depression every week. It is so common in the current stressful circumstances that we live in. For many, it is not until they truly find themselves that they find the resources to get better -permanently.

I recommend https://www.livinglifetothefull.com/ , or its Australian equivalent, https://www.moodgym.anu.edu.au/   These are computerised CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which is brilliant, given that the NHS can’t afford face to face CBT for everyone who would benefit.

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The fantastic patient leaflets that I use every day are on www.patient.co.uk – search under depression & you will pick up self help guides as well as specific leaflets on medications (most used are SSRIs these days, like fluoxetine & citalopram) and even on St John’s Wort. There are also excellent self help guides on stress & anxiety; although I am not always certain how many of my patients actually fill them in, if you do so they help you to think through your problem & introduce CBT.

There are many other approaches to depression & I would recommend finding a coach to help you find ways of addressing your mind/body/spirit and home/work life balance. 

Reflexology can be excellent at helping the energy to flow again, and Spiritual healing and Reiki can help you to heal yourself.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)is very powerful, especially if maintained. Ann (see Tap to the Top –  EFT Workshops and Training) is absolutely fantastic, so if you are able to work with her it would be working with a guru. EFT is great, as part as a multidirectional self management plan.  The main thing is to gradually change your way of thinking about yourself, your internal conversation – NLP can also help here.

Don’t forget relaxation and meditation – my website www.TheNaturallyHealthyPet.com has the best CDs I have ever found on it, including an introduction to meditation through the chakras called Journey Through the Chakras.  But the healing CDs by Nigel Shaw (also on my site) are amazing; I only have to hear the first chords now to relax. Deep breathing is essential. Yoga can help to teach you this.

Nutrition – essential – tip out all junk foods, coke, crisps etc. Try to eat as close to natural as possible, raw foods are good (see the Raw Food Coach ), organic is better than non organic & farmed well better than factory – the food holds the energy of the animal  – I found this info amazing. Drink plenty of water – I drink filtered now.

You can guess how difficult I find it to work in the NHS, trying to give all this information out in 10 minutes as well as take a history!


Doctor Allie Grimston's Blog

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