Give yourself some time!

Surgery_couch_small Hi there!

It is difficult, isn’t it? We are just not brought up to make time for ourselves! And we have to lead by example – goodness knows what messages I am giving my kids at the moment, what with setting up my animal healing website as well as being a GP – but it has been so exciting!

There are some amazing things, though.  I arrive at work at 8am, having dropped the kids off at their school bus at 0730 – it doesnt seem worth it to return home. So I start on the paperwork – blood test results, hospital letters, telephone messages from patients, changes to medication, writing prescriptions, medication reviews.

And do you know what makes a world of difference to my day? If I can just make time before morning surgery to lie down on my couch with my eyes closed for 5 minutes, with my healing music on (Nigel Shaw – see the CDs for sale on the left of my website), then I know that I love myself enough to give myself that time. It only takes 5 minutes – or even less if pushed – yet my day goes so much better, and I can easily release all those resentful feelings that we all feel at times; I am no longer a martyr!

So go on! What can YOU do to make time for yourself? Let us know, share the tips….

Love & light

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