Freedom From Stress

Field_barcombe  What makes you feel free from stress? Just for a moment?

For me it is the Sussex countryside, preferably armed with trees. This photo shows the view on one of the walks along our lane. Every day I am grateful for the place where I live – it is fundamental to my holistic well-being. Of course there are other routes to reducing my stress levels that I have learnt – meditation, deep and relaxing breathing, and hugging the dog to name but three.

For my friend Judith, it is the view from her London apartment that keeps her ticking. She just loves being in London, with all it represents (see below for her fantastic view).

London_docklands_small Two weekends ago I made a trip up to London for 2 days to do a course that Judith was coordinating with EFT master practitioner, Ann Ross.

Judith is an acclaimed business coach, who left her business as an accountant to pursue what she was really passionate about, running multiple businesses to love, creating passive income through property, and coaching entrepreneurs with small to medium businesses to success. Having worked with her over the last year through the Moneygym, I would trust her judgement on most things (thought we agree to differ on the ideal place to live…). Take a look at this site for her Elite Entrepreneur’s Club

Ann led 20 of us through an amazing experience of releasing some of our emotional fears and ties through the Emotional Freedom Technique. Although the title of the weekend was "Creating a Millionaire Mindset", and the pair tend to work together to produce courses for entrepreneurs at present, Ann’s vision is to introduce EFT in a more widespread way across the NHS.

I could feel the powerful effect of the group’s energy working to release each person’s fears and beliefs around money – phrases, often stemming from childhood experiences, such as "There is never enough" and "Money doesn’t grow on trees" were linked first to the emotions that they created within us, such as despair and stifling despondency. Gradually, through tapping certain points on the face and body, we were able to reduce the power these beliefs held for us, and even release them.

I could feel how this would work equally well with beliefs about health and wellness, and stress in general. Most of the patients I see in general practice -and indeed it seems most people these days – are suffering deeply from stress, including emotional and financial stress. This is a fundamental cause of so many of their health problems, and also of the way they perceive symptoms such as pain.

Here are some examples of their courses in London:

EFT Workshops and Training

EFT 1 & 2 Practitioner Training will be on February 16th, 17th and 18th and our remaining workshops (themes to be announced) will be:

15th and 16th March – Exterminate Your Inner Saboteur

10th and 11th May – Design Your Destiny

13th and 14th September – Success Unlimited

8th and 9th November – Millionaire Mindset

Wishing you peace and wellbeing!


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