Feng Shui: How your Environment can Affect your Health

Good health and balance are determined by more than what goes on internally, inside our bodies. If you think of social pressures, such as difficult situations with family members or co-workers, these are external factors that can have a marked effect on your health.

Yet even your immediate, seemingly inanimate environment can have a positive or detrimental effect on your health. This principle is active in the ancient Chinese philosophical system known as feng shui.

Feng shui, which literally means ‘wind-water’, sees an essential, movable life force called qi (pronounced ‘chee’) as one of the most important factors of how we relate to our environment.

Ancient astrological methods were used historically to decide where and when to build auspicious landmarks such as temples, according to how their alignment could direct the flow of qi or life energy best.

Modern feng shui and health

Although many of the tools and instruments traditionally used in feng shui have changed over the millennia, the core concepts of the philosophy and its understanding of how we live in and are affected by space has stayed the same. There are three fundamental requirements of a home for it to be a healthy and happy one, according to feng shui:

  1. A home should have fresh, quality air

 Fresh air is essential for keeping supplied with the oxygen we need for continuous brain function. In feng shui, air-purifying plants are often used as a means of maximizing fresh air in an enclosed space.

  1. There should be enough natural light

Light is also held to be important in feng shui, as this is another essential environmental condition we need for optimal health (including healthy eyes).

  1. Your space should be clutter-free

 Clutter is the accumulation of broken or unused material things. Often people are tied to items for nostalgic reasons, but the negative side of this is that clutter can inhibit being mindful and grounded in the present moment. Eliminating as much clutter as possible and filling your space with objects that don’t drain your energy may provide a long-term energy boost.

Have you used feng shui to organise your own living space? What was your experience?

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