Doctor Allie Receives Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award

Doctor Allie Receives Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award

Doctor Allie Receives Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award

Doctor Allie is sought-after as a corporate speaker and workshop coordinator. Her skill in public speaking was recently confirmed when she was given a Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award.

Toastmasters is an international organisation specializing in world-leading communication and leadership education. The organisation is 313, 000 members strong, with more than 14, 000 clubs spread across 126 countries.

It is the organisation’s mission to empower people to become excellent communicators and leaders. The organisation believes the world needs leaders who are capable of coaching teams, running businesses and mentoring others.

The Competent Communicators Toastmasters Award is given to individuals who successfully complete a series of 10 projects and speaking engagements. This series of tasks is designed to develop public speakers’ dynamism. Elements of public speaking covered include organizing the parts of a speech into a cohesive whole and using body language effectively. This course helps keynote speakers express themselves in an impactful, audience-engaging way.

Having Doctor Allie speak at your event adds an engaging educational and inspirational element to proceedings. Ever since pioneering her healthy hormone therapy system, Doctor Allie has performed extensive one-on-one coaching and mentoring focused on healthy living and stress reduction. As someone who has forged her own path in the medical profession, she is able to provide insights into many subjects, from how to reduce stress to running your own business.

Doctor Allie’s primary corporate work is in helping companies teach employees effective stress management. Through years of working with individuals suffering from excess stress, Doctor Allie has gained a deep understanding of how to avoid stress mismanagement. Her recent communication award has proven her the ability to impart this knowledge effectively, so that it brings forth positive transformation.

Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your next corporate event? Contact Doctor Allie. Early bookings are advised.


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