So who is Dr Alison Grimston, and why does she love to inspire women to break free from menopause?

Hi! I’m Dr Alison Grimston – and I know you want to know how I can help you – and why you might want to invest in your health by working with me.

So here is an interview that shows you why I am here, serving you… and why I am so frustrated with the status quo!

Dr Alison Grimston’s Interview for MyMenopause event.

Maybe you have heard of Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

I help busy professional women in their 40s, 50s and 60s like you to stay productive and create hormone harmony by providing them with a personalised bespoke package and mentoring so that they may live balanced, healthy lives with vitality through my Hormone Success System.

Doctor Alison’s Story

When only 17 and just about to start medical school, Alison was involved in a car accident that broke her back in two places. She was prescribed several painkillers and soon discovered that these alone weren’t enough. She then dedicated her medical training to learning about inclusive medical healthcare that focuses on balancing lifestyle and treating causes rather than solely addressing symptoms.

Doctor Alison now maintains this ethos in her medical practice and teaching. Thanks to her years of experience as a family physician, and her success in pioneering a healthy hormone therapy system, Doctor Alison is now able to provide affordable group and elite one-on-one packages for people looking to reclaim their bodies and their lives. Through this coaching system, Doctor Alison can help you banish stress by building and monitoring your personal hormone profile.

Two of the most common complaints that Doctor Alison encounters in her practice are elevated stress levels and low energy. Some doctors might prescribe energy boosters or mood stabilisers. Instead, Doctor Allie works closely with the client to identify potential hormonal imbalances as well as general lifestyle concerns. Her findings enable her to create a personalised lifestyle prescription, including the right combination of supplements and where necessary Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy; a nature-identical hormone replacement treatment that is specifically tailored to each individual’s needs.

Doctor Alison’s Hormone Success System

Doctor Alison created this after years of training as a medical practitioner and working closely with patients battling with hormonal imbalances that left them feeling low on energy and high on stress. Doctor Alison has been able to combine her professional medical healthcare practice with intelligent lifestyle coaching to offer a combined wellness system to patients – a system that takes care of each individual’s body and mind for better, healthier living.

If you’d like to experience healthier living and begin your very own Hormone Success System journey, get in touch with Doctor Alison today.

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