calming exercise in menopause treatment

Discover the value of calming exercise in menopause treatment

As a woman, it can be highly beneficial for you to discover the value of calming exercise in menopause treatment. Experiencing menopause is, unfortunately, a way of life as a woman matures beyond the childbearing years. If you are suddenly experiencing hot flashes, sleepless nights, unclear thinking and other sudden changes, you could be one of the lucky ladies going through what many may term as the ‘change of life.’ However, the years from perimenopause through menopause do not have to be irritable and unpleasant. You are a beautiful woman and as such can rise above the uneasiness through therapy and exercise.

calming exercise in menopause treatment

Engaging in an exercise regimen does not have to be torture. You don’t have to spend hour’s daily performing backbreaking, joint aching moves, stretches, and bumps. Consider the value of calming exercise in menopause treatment and the many benefits reaped through such a fitness type program.

Benefits of any exercise program during and after menopause can provide you a way to:

  • Being physical can help you to ward off weight gain and possible obesity
  • Reduce your risk of cancer by keeping active and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Strengthen your muscles, bones and your mind through daily physical activity
  • Minimize the risk of other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Staying active physically and mentally can also relieve stress and promote a better quality of life.
  • Exercise has been proven to boost your mood with a cognitive decline and lower risk of depression.

Although staying physical and fit will not reduce symptoms of menopause, it can help you to avoid obesity and the hot flashes that often come with it. An excellent form of physical fitness is through self-relaxation techniques. You can relieve stress and discomfort through simple movements, visualization, and breathing. Such activities done regularly can help to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for sleeping and digestion. Lack of proper sleep can hinder the way you think, how you act, good healthy relationships, your mental health and can also make you feel disconnected from everything and everyone around you. An excellent form of self-relaxation is through meditation and yoga.

Engaging in yoga as the value of calming exercise in menopause treatment has several benefits, such as:

  • Since there has been some risk involved with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), women have opted for more natural methods of relief from menopause. Yoga moves and postures do not directly affect estrogen levels in the body, but can help in controlling unpleasant symptoms. While relaxing the nervous system, some yoga poses can improve the functioning of your endocrine system and the hormonal fluctuations.
  • Yoga can calm the nerves, irritability, and anxiety associated with menopause. You will soon connect with other women experiencing the same or similar problems, forming a support system. You can more easily handle the transition with a circle of friends to help.

Maybe you think of some unusual, twisted poses associated with yoga but it is much more sophisticated and mainstream than that. A regular practice of yoga or the value of calming exercise in menopause treatment can help in relaxing your mind, easing your nerves along with other menopausal symptoms. We can help you to reclaim your life and your body through individualized treatment. Contact us for a specialized treatment plan that may include hormone therapy and specialized physical fitness. Consult with us, so we can create an individual personal hormone profile targeted at restoring you with vitality and a healthier way of living. With the profile, we can then recommend the lifestyle plan to fit your needs and provide you with a balanced, healthy well-being.

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