Debunking The Myth That HRT or even BHRT Alone Is The Answer To Balancing Hormones

More and more women are turning to bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy (BHRT) as a way to rebalance their hormones and increase their quality of life. As a safer and more natural alternative to oestrogen and progestogen compounds distributed by pharmaceutical companies, plant-derived BHRT is enhancing women’s sex drives, slowing the natural ageing process, and possibly even preventing cancer with few known risks or side effects.

For some women, it sounds like too much of a good thing. The myth that BHRT alone is the answer to balancing hormones is not so dangerous as it is misleading. For women who are suffering menopause or hormonal imbalances, BHRT may be life-changing. But the source of true and lasting health begins with a holistic approach that heals and empowers the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Holistic health holds keys to wellbeing that pharmaceuticals cannot

The Holistic Approach to Menopause

Our bodies have a wonderful ability to heal themselves. The system laid out by mother nature may be the most effective medicine, and it is certainly the most natural. While BHRT may help many women suffering from symptoms of menopause and hormone imbalance, an inner approach to balancing your hormones provides your body with what it needs to repair itself naturally.

The proper diet, the necessary exercise, and refreshing sleep will support your endocrine system to heal, restore, and balance itself, allowing the body to naturally replace hormones and fix imbalances.

However, if you are not clear where your imbalances and intolerances lie, you may find it challenging to heal yourself fully. This is where working with a functional medicine practitioner can help you to throw light onto why you are having hormonal symptoms in the perimenopause.

The Importance of Stress And Sleep in Menopause Relief

This inner approach to health requires us to approach stress and sleep in a new way. Both play significant roles in our health and general well-being. Sleep, for example, is a necessary and essential component to health. Sleep does more than recharge your body. It revitalizes, and acts as the best antidote to fatigue and stress. But the quality of sleep is just as important as the quantity. As our volume of stress increases, our sleep is disturbed and our body loses balance.

This one vital component, when not provided sufficiently, can exacerbate a number of issues including hormonal imbalance. It also increases our stress levels, which deplete the body of critical energy needed to repair itself. As a result, many processes in the body become out of sync and hormone imbalances can occur. These imbalances then produce negative symptoms that affect our entire well-being and outlook on life.

Prevention As The Best Cure for Perimenopause Symptoms

Understanding the role of nutritional food, fitness, and proper sleep as a way to rebalance your hormones naturally and from the inside out is an important step towards improving your health and enriching your life.

Even if medicine can make miracles happen, such quick fixes are temporary and not without downsides. Don’t underestimate the value and need of a preventive and holistic approach!

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