Debunking Myths about Menopause and Sex Hormones

Debunking Myths about Menopause and Sex Hormones

Debunking Myths about Menopause and Sex HormonesA healthy, intimate marriage or relationship is built on numerous cornerstones. These include trust, honesty and mutual respect, but they also include the physical, sensuous side of things.

There are a number of myths surrounding women’s sexuality and menopause: ‘Your sex drive will inevitably decrease’ warn some, while others claim ‘hormone replacement will completely restore your sex drive’.

Many peri- and post-menopausal women are able to enjoy fulfilling sex lives thanks to taking bioidentical hormones, but this is one effective part of a holistic approach to mature sex.

The first myth: ‘Menopause decreases your sex drive’

While it is true that many people – both male and female – grow less ardently physical as they grow older, menopause should not be seen as the final death knell for all sexual activity. Decreased libido can have multiple underlying causes, including discomforting menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness.

In addition to reducing the extremity of these symptoms, treatment with bioidentical hormones helps to reduce the fatigue and irritability that you can experience in menopause. Both these issues can negatively impact your sex drive if left unaddressed. With the greater energy BHRT yields and the help of a good personal lubricant, sex can be as good as ever well into your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

The second myth: ‘BHRT will Completely Restore your Sex Drive’

Is BHRT magic? No. It is one of the myths about menopause that hormone replacement is a complete cure for every symptom. Lifestyle changes are also important, however. Menopause symptoms that can inhibit physical intimacy may be improved, but if physical passion in your relationship wanes there might be other underlying reasons.

Many couples enter a state of comfort in which mystique and tease all but disappear. Reading tips in the sex and relationships sections of reputable medical websites or visiting a sex therapist (if you can persuade your partner to do so) can help you to rediscover zest for each other as physical, sexual beings. This will also help you add a more sensual element to your lifestyle.

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