Coconut Water – True Health or Hype?

“Fresh, pure coconut water has some outstanding health benefits… …but be on the lookout for the health negating ingredients in commercially processed coconut water drinks…”

When we are bombarded, almost daily—with a new health food or drink, it’s easy to be skeptical or ignore it altogether. Coconut water is one of the newer mainstream health drinks, and fresh, pure coconut water really does have some outstanding health benefits.  Let’s take a look inside the label…

Coconut Water for Energy:

Coconut Water is naturally abundant in vitamins and minerals, which makes for a wonderful energy drink with no caffeine and sugar laden crash. It’s also full of bone building calcium!

Coconut Water for Heart Health:

Potassium levels in Coconut Water are sky-high! Potassium helps regulate blood pressure. Typically, individuals with high blood pressure have low potassium levels. Some recent studies have found that Coconut Water could possibly increase good cholesterol, all the more reason to drink up!

Coconut Water for Dehydration:

Because if the high concentrate of electrolytes and plasma in Coconut water, it’s an ideal choice to re-balance the digestive tract, during extra hot temperatures, and after a strenuous workout. However, remember that high potassium levels need to be avoided in those with kidney problems, but are needed if you are dehydrated during times of illness.

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Lastly, be on the lookout for health negating ingredients in commercially processed coconut water drinks. Any store-bought drink that has loads of ingredients, added sugar and carbohydrates should be avoided. The most pure coconut water should have 3 or less ingredients, and the top two should be coconut water and water.

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