BHRT: Not as scary as you imagine

Hormonal imbalance is something countless women experience as a natural part of the aging process. Many women are reluctant to undergo hormone therapy because of having been told of unpleasant side effects. Yet there is a difference between synthetic hormone replacement and bio identical hormone replacement. The latter uses hormones that are chemically identical to those that are found naturally in your body. Here are reasons why BHRT is not as scary as you imagine:

  1. BHRT is non-invasive

Do the words ‘hormone replacement’ conjure images of needles and painful injections? In actual fact, BHRT is non-invasive and there are multiple ways to take hormone replacements. You can take hormones via pills as well as gels and creams.

  1. Bio identical hormones don’t cause known health risks

Nervous about hormone replacement therapy? Don’t be: BHRT uses hormones that are IDENTICAL to those found in your body. Now you can dream of a stress-free and balanced life.

One of the major reasons why some women are reluctant to take hormone replacement therapy is a 2002 HRT study that suggested that HRT puts women at an increased risk of developing cancer and heart disease. It later became clear that it was specifically synthetic hormones that were tested.

  1. Nature identical hormone replacements provide a high benefit to cost ratio

Even if you are unsure still about whether or not you should undergo hormone therapy, consider the benefits:

  • Relief from menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms
  • Improved sleep
  • General increased feelings of emotional stability and wellness

Considering the negative health effects of continual lack of sleep paired with the exhausting effects of frustrating symptoms, nature-identical hormone replacements are worth trying. Many women prefer the minimal risks of BHRT over continuous physical discomfort.

As with any medical or therapeutic treatment, BHRT works best if you take it in conjunction with lifestyle adjustments that amplify its positive effects. Join 60 Days to Menopause Relief to discover my 7-step process to creating a hormone-balancing diet and lifestyle that will promote greater hormonal harmony, as nature’s medicine chest provides excellent supplementation to a well-structured BHRT program.

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