Balancing stress 3 simple tips for keeping ahead of the game – Part 3


You can read Tip #1 and Tip #2 to help you manage your stress. ┬áHere’s the final tip in this series.


However intimidating your plan might appear, reduce it to manageable steps. If you need to take the time out – from work or family – do so, explaining that you need time. Commit to taking one step per week, or per day if that is appropriate. The step may be as small as looking in the local paper for a cleaner, or as large as handing in your notice. Structure it, commit to it, have an accountability partner or mentor (this is where I have found that a coach is invaluable), and take the action. Push your fear boundaries regularly and you will keep growing.

Wishing you success as you create your new reality – whatever that means for you!

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