Balancing stress – 3 simple tips for keeping ahead of the game…Part 2

I wrote about the first tip to for balancing stress, you can read it here.  This is tip #2


Where you go with this stage will depend very much on your starting point. You can now look at where you are starting from, your current situation and the stresses attached to that, and where you want to be – a result of the reflective process covered in the previous section. Now is your chance to plan your route. For some there will be very little in the journey, for you are already virtually where you want to be. A few tweaks and adjustments, maybe more effective delegation at home and at work, and your stress levels will become more manageable. You may even find your stress improving from simply discovering and acknowledging that you have chosen to be where you are and in fact are happy with the challenges that you face.

Many women in business and the professions have highly exciting, stimulating and challenging roles with a vocational sphere. It can be exhilarating to know that you are using your skills to the utmost, and achieving at work what few manage to do.

For others the time may have arrived for you to consider a change. Maybe you have worked full time all your life, and you feel that now is the time to revisit other priorities. On the other hand, many of you will find that, now that your children have left home, you wish to transition from a part time role to a more challenging, full time one. Maybe you are in your 30s and realise that you need to plan for a family now, or it will be too late. Perhaps you have young kids and you are fed up with leaving them with a succession of nannies and child-minders – is it time you considered throwing caution to the wind and set up in business on your own, from home, either in the sphere that you already work in or in something completely different?

Just for a moment, imagine how life would be if money and time were no object. What would you do with your life going forward? Isn’t it time to nurture your creativity and step out?

Plan your journey going forward, with a time frame of the next 5 years. It doesn’t matter if you do not achieve what you write down. You are going to be learning to forgive yourself anyway.

What tools will you need to achieve this? Who will you need to call upon for help? Think of family, best friends, cleaners, gardeners, work colleagues, mentors, pr, all of your networks.

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  1. I have had this tab open in my browser since you poetsd it! I keep re-reading and then looking at my blog, trying to make sure I can check off all those points. I think this is an excellent list. #3 is something that I’m still trying to define for myself. Sometimes I worry too much about what I think people will want to see and less about what I want to write and that always turns into a fail on my part. Gotta stay true to myself it seems to work better in the end.Great post as always, Amberr.

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