Andropause: Is Male Menopause Real?

While andropause is not recognized by the World Health Organization as a clinical disorder, the fact remains that as men age, they naturally experience decreased testosterone production. This usually starts when men are in their 40s, with testosterone levels continuing to decrease as a man ages.

Testosterone serves as a building block for creating protein, and is necessary for a normal sex drive. It also plays a part in bone formation and hepatic function. When testosterone levels begin to decline in men, they may experience a variety of symptoms, some of which include decreased sex drive, depression, poor concentration, fatigue and even insomnia.

A healthy and active lifestyle goes a long way to improving testosterone production.

While some practitioners encourage the use of testosterone to combat these symptoms, testosterone supplementation is a proven cause of increased adverse cardiovascular effects.  Testosterone supplementation may also worsen sleep apnea and accelerate prostate-cancer growth.

Andropause can actually be treated through effective and natural methods, in order to avoid the adverse side effects of testosterone supplementation.  An overall healthier lifestyle can do much to increase testosterone production.

One of the easiest ways of increasing testosterone levels is simply getting enough sleep. Lack of rest contributes to declining levels of testosterone, even in younger males.

Staying active helps maintain healthy testosterone levels. In fact, testosterone production increases in direct proportion to physical activity. Overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight is key in increasing testosterone production.

Stress can also reduce testosterone levels. Males of any age group can benefit from improved coping mechanisms and natural remedies to limit the effects of stress.

Finally, certain medications, such as opiates and steroids, can lead to decreased testosterone.

Unlike females, who experience a complete shutdown of the reproductive system after a certain age, males experience a decline, and still retain 50% of their testosterone secretion after age 80. Therefore, pursuing more natural remedies for andropause is important, especially when one considers the negative effects of hormone replacement.

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  1. Andropause is a condition that is associated with the decrease in the male hormone testosterone. It is unlike menopause in that the decrease in testosterone and the development of symptoms is more gradual than what occurs in women.

    1. Doctor Allie

      Yes, and my BHRT clinic does indeed cover testosterone replacement in men, of course in combination with other functional medicine lifestyle advice. I never recommend BHRT in isolation.

  2. There are more about testosterone that we are not yet aware of. This is a good start on knowing more andropause from the basic to its complicated ones.

    1. Doctor Allie

      True enough, Jose – testosterone has many benefits although also risks, so best to keep its use to the physiological range.

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